$0.50 Tide 50oz NEXT Friday 8/1/14 @ Safeway

Yikes, What a Fantastic Price on Tide. Better yet, this is a simple straight forward deal.  VERY easy to do!

Deal Details

  • The Tide 50oz is going to be $5 each NEXT Friday(one day only), 8/1/14
  • There is a $2/1 Tide In-ad Store Coupon in next weeks ad
  • There is a $2/1 Tide Coupon in the 7/27 P&G
  • We can double that coupon!




So above is a shot at the $5 Friday part of the ad, and also a shot of the in-ad coupon that attached to next weeks ad.  So all we have to do is bring an ad(or get one at the store), bring the $2/1 Tide Coupon from todays 7/26 P&G insert, and use a double coupon, and voila!, $0.50 Tide!  It just doesn’t get much cheaper than that so easily!

Buy 1 Tide 40-50oz Laundry Detergent, $5
-$2 Use a $2/1 Tide in-ad coupon
-$2 Use a $2/1 Tide Coupon 7/27 P&G
-$0.50 Use a double coupon
Final Price=$0.50 after coupons!

So the question will be, can you get more than one.  You can see the ad plainly states ‘Limit 1″, but most stores are reasonable, perhaps they will let you do the above transaction more than once.  Well see how much stock they have left!

If you didn’t want to wait until next Friday, the Tide price will be $5.99 on sale the rest of next week.  So that means these will be $1.50 each.  Still a nice price.(Still “Limit 1”, unless they let you get more)

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