$0.49 Farmer John Bacon & FREE Sausage @ Safeway

AWESOME! Bacon.  And probably the cheapest we have seen in at least 5 years!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

We only have until tomorrow to do this deal.  But its pretty easy.  Today in a New month, and if you noticed hidden all the way down in the New May 1st coupon, is a Farmer John Bacon coupon that’s available for our area!  There is also a Farmer John Breakfast Sausage coupon.  Print these out ASAP!  Then get to Safeway today or tomorrow for CHEAP bacon and FREE sausage!!!

Deal Details

$0.49 Farmer John Bacon & FREE Sausage @ Safeway


So we need TWO mobile devices to print out 2 sets of coupons.  We can only use 3 in one transaction.  This is a Mix and Match promo, so you could get 2 bacon and 1 sausage, which only requires 1 mobile device to get!!  The sausage is obviously FREE.  If you want both bacon and sausage, and have many coupons, you need to do separate transactions per set of 3 items. They are $0.19 each without any coupons, so using a $1 coupons will either make them FREE, or perhaps give you overage! 🙂  Even if you live  in a land without Doubles, $1 bacon is still suppppper awesome.

Buy 3 x Farmer John Bacon 12oz, $1.99 (=$5.97 Total)
-$3 Use 3 x New $1/1 Farmer John Bacon Coupons
-$1.50 Use a Double Coupon
Final Price=$1.47 for 3(or $0.49ea) after coupon and double


Buy 3 x Farmer John Breakfast Sausage, $0.19 (=$0.57 Total)
-$3 Use 3 x New $1/1 Farmer John Breakfast Sausage Coupon
Final Price=FREE after coupon and double

$0.49 Farmer John Bacon & FREE Sausage @ Safeway

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2 comments to $0.49 Farmer John Bacon & FREE Sausage @ Safeway

  • Mona

    Was hoping the maple bacon had a distinct maple flavor, and it didn’t. Still good baked bacon!

  • Meg

    Belated, but thank you for posting this! Last night I got 2 packages of sausage, 1 package of bacon, 3 cans on beans, 1 package of taco shells, 1/2 lb. of asparagus, and a couple of bananas for $1.68, thanks to a harried cashier who just pushed all the coupons through. 🙂

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