$0.64 Lucerne 8oz Cheese(possibly FREE) @ Safeway

Yikes!  I wish it was not that late or I would have tested this deal further.  See the details of my finding below.  At a worse case, many of the 8oz Lucerne cheeses come out to $0.64 each. or $2.56/2lb!!  Cheese RARELY ever get that cheap, especially Sharp cheddar.  A big thanks to Nancy for the $0.64 heads up! And random couponing for the possible Free cheese, the FREE Cheese possibilities expires TOMORROW, 6/25! (we can still get Cheap cheese until Next Tuesday.)

Deal Details

  • The Lucerne 8oz block, Slices,shredded cheeses(ALL varieties-even Parmesan) are $0.99 with in-ad coupon(Limit 10)
  • There is a $0.35/1 Real California Milk Cheese Coupon (PDF!!)-not doubleable
    • There is a Lucerne Product Catalina  6/17 – 6/25
    • Spend $15.00 or more on Lucerne products and receive a $5.00 off your future purchase of Lucerne Products catalina

$0.64 Lucerne 8oz Cheese(possibly FREE) @ Safeway


So not all the cheese varieties have the Real California seal.  The coupon is ONLY good on the varieties that carry that seal.  You can CLEARLY see the Gold seal below on the cheeses I bought.  And you can see them on the picture from the store.  None of the “sliced” cheeses had the seal at my store.  But I have noticed that some of the same cheese varieties have the seal and some do not.  Odds are that means some cheese making places use that milk and some don’t.

Buy a Lucerne 8oz block, Slices,shredded cheese, $0.99 with in-ad coupon
-$0.35 Use a $0.35/1 Real California Milk Cheese Coupon (PDF!!)
Final Price=$0.64 after coupon

Now the possible FREE Cheese deal.

It appears the Lucerne Catalina is triggering before Safeway club card. I rang up 7 cheeses this evening, at $1.99sales price, The catalina auto came out of the register!!! Even at $1.99×7=$13.96, not hitting the $15 threshold for the Catalina. But actually I rang up 7 cheeses x $2.99 reg price, and it triggered and then I gave the cashier my club card, and the price went down to the $1.99 each, and then after the in-ad coupon, it came down to $0.99 each, i handed over my 7 x 0.35 coupons, and the total came to $4.48! But since the Catalina auto triggered at threshold before club card, of course I received the $5 Catalina! Expires 7/8!

Of course this Catalina should “roll” since its triggered before coupons. I plan on buying 8 cheeses =$5.12, use the previous $5catalina, Pay the $0.12 for 8 cheeses(yes this is not “FREE”, but it might as well be. $0.019each) 🙂 so 8=4lbs of cheese for $0.12!! 🙂 I just wish every variety had the Real California seal!!!

$0.64 Lucerne 8oz Cheese(possibly FREE) @ Safeway

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