$1 Kelloggs Cereal after Coupon and Catalina @ Fred Meyer

Any time cereal is about $1 a box is a pretty good deal.  During the next 2 weeks we can get $1 Kellogg’s Cereal fairly easily. Also at QFC this Wednesday you can get a bonus to the below deal(see bottom for details).

Deal Details

  • The Kelloggs Cereal is $2 each this week through 3/15/14 (2 weeks!!)
  • We have $1/3 Kelloggs Coupon 3/2 RP and 2/2 RP and a Printable(sign in to print, then choose “Coupons” up top)
  • There is a National Catalina on Kelloggs Cereal
    • Kellogg’s and/or Kashi Cereals (8.7 oz+)  3/3/14 – 3/30/14
    • Buy (2) boxes and get a $1.00 OYNP Coupon
    • Buy (3) boxes and get a $2.00 OYNP Coupon
    • Buy (4) boxes and get a $3.00 OYNP Coupon


Buying 3 or 4 boxes with the coupon and catalina both come out to $1 each.  I bought 4 for testing purposes, and one of a different kind to fully test out the catalina promotion.  I didnt get a picture of the shelf of cereal because they were VERY much spread out all over the place.  But all the basic kinds are $2 each.

Buy 4 Kelloggs Cereal, @ $2 ea (-$8 total)
-$1  Use a $1/3 Kelloggs Coupon 3/2 RP and 2/2 RP and a Printable Coupon
Final Price=$7 after coupon
And get back a $3 OYNP Coupon =NET=$4 for 4 boxes (or $1 each!!)

QFC starting 3/5/14

So starting this Wednesday at QFC the Basic General Mills, Post and Kellogg’s Cereal will be 3/$6 each and when you buy 3 you get a FREE Gallon of Milk!!  So Since the Kellogg’s Cereal will also be $2 per box, the QFC deal will be basically look exactly like above plus a FREE gallon of milk, so NET $3 for 3 boxes and free Milk!  Not a bad deal at all!  I talked to the Grocery Manager there today and hes getting ready for the promotion!  I wish I had a QFC closer to me!

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10 comments to $1 Kelloggs Cereal after Coupon and Catalina @ Fred Meyer

  • Maja

    this catalina offer is also at safeway. I bought Kashi go crunch cereals at 2.97 each, some type of sale (regular around 4.99)used 4 x 1/1 mc (cut them from boxes that I had) paid 7.88 and got $3 catalina:)So after coupons and catalina is $1.22 per box which is awesome price for Kashi, and I love them a lot:) And best thing that I picked boxes with $1/1 coupon on back:)

  • Maja

    I picked two Go Lean Crunch and two Go Lean Crisps with coupons on back. I didn’t find any other box with coupons at my favorite store, so I have to check other stores around. I saw same boxes with coupons at Walgreens to, but not sure does catalina going on there.
    good luck:)

    • gdog

      i scoped out Fred Meyer after your post, and at FM they are $2.99 per box. they had a large display with like 60 boxes and about 30% of them had the coupon.

      so at FM $2.99 x 3=$8.97-3x$1/1=$5.97 and get a $3 =$2.97 for 3 boxes=$0.99ea!

  • Maja

    You got $3 catalina for buying 3 boxes? wow great deal. have to go to FM than:)

    • gdog

      whoops. your right! my bad, i would only get a $2 cat. that was just my “hoping’ part of mind taking over the “reality” part of my mind. sorry! 🙂

  • Maja

    Haha:) No worries I’m all like that:) But still with $2 catalina it’s gonna be $1.33 per box which is my stock up price ( less than $1.5 is great price)for Kashi:) Or if I buy 4 boxes after coupon and catalina it’s gonna be $1.24 per box:) woohoo sounds good to me:) thanks for info:)

  • Cookie

    Kellogg’s is $2.49 at QFC with the milk offer. So not as cheap as FM. But my FM was wiped out today and I was disappointed that frosted flakes were not included 🙁

  • Cookie

    QFC starting tomorrow. They are advertised at $2.49 in my ad.

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