$1 Mr Clean Magic Erasers 2ct box @ Safeway

Another good deal on a cleaning product.  This is not the cheapest these have ever been, but if you think this product is one of the better inventions since sliced bread, then $1 a box is still a great deal!  Now if you are the kind of person that cannot live without these, and you buy them regardless the price, I would suggest you buy them from ebay.  I bought 100 of these for about $8 from china.  They take about 3-4 weeks to get here 🙂 (really), but for the price, you can’t beat that, and they are 100% the same product.  If you can not wait that long, again, this is a good deal. 🙂

Deal Details


If you have never used these, you should buy a box and clean something off the wall, or stove, or fridge or bathtub, or anything.  They just work.  🙂

Buy a Mr Clean Magic Erasers, $2
-$0.50 Use a $0.50 off ONE Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
-$0.50 Use a double coupon
Final Price=$1 after coupon and double

Thanks to thecentsableshoppin for the tip!

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