2017 Safeway/Albertsons Manager Details Update

It is 2017!

But since both Safeway and Albertsons are now owned by the same company, they can both be managed by the same people. Here is a complete list of Safeway AND Albertsons Store Managers and Assistant managers for the Southern Washington and Oregon Area. Lately Store Managers and Asst Store managers are moving around every month, so be mindful of that. I will try to keep this data updated. 🙂 I have highlighted below the SWY stores in red, and the ALB stores in blue. Who knows how many changes are yet to come. So this information is accurate as of 2/1/2017 🙂

I chose not to list the full District and Division Manager(and higher) Information due to possible abuse, but if you ever need this information and have a good reason, feel free to ask.

Why have I put this list together? Have you ever needed a Manager? Believe it or not, to actually speak to someone “up the chain” has increasingly become more difficult. So over the years I kept a list of managers, district managers, regional managers, and in most cases the vice presidents, info for Safeway, Albertsons, Fred Meyers and Rite Aid. So I am slowly going to put this information up for your convenience and use to save YOU time! 🙂

You can find the Safeway/Albertsons Manager Detail page by going to the main page, and on the menu bar go to “Manager Details”, then choose the store you wish to see. You’ll find Safeway/Albertsons there. Or of course you can go straight there by clicking here, Safeway/Albertsons Manager Details, <—-.

Please feel free to keep me updated if you notice something that isn’t correct.

I hope it can be a useful tool for you, as it is for me! 🙂

Here is a exert of that page so you’ll know whats there(Click the Main page above for complete details)….

District #72 West Portland/North Coast District
DM – Steve G???? 541-???-????
Associate Relations Rep Service Operations Specialist Center of Store Ops
Todd N? 503-???-???? Nermina M? 503-???-???? Danelle M? ???-???-????
Store# Store Director Assistant Store Director Phone
406 2836 Pacific Ave, Forest Grove, OR SWY Jim Kuhn Hector Heredia (503) 359-8700
424 795 Columbia River Hwy, St. Helens, OR SWY Doug Knight (503) 397-2630
505 5415 SW Byrton-HIsdle Hwy, Portland, OR ABS Kevin Richmond (503) 246-1713
590 7500 SW Baseline Rd., Hillsboro, OR ABS Janice Patterson Jeff Taussig (503) 591-7557
591 888 NE 75th Ave, Hillsboro, OR ABS Jordan Michael Joseph Chitwood (503) 681-8927
596 18425 NW West Union Rd., Portland, OR ABS Teresa Nakooka Chris McAllister (503) 533-5998
1073 6194 SW Murray Blvd, Beaverton, OR SWY Mimes Hastor David Williamson (503) 672-8180
1203 2525 SE TV Hwy, Hillsboro, OR SWY Jessica Yoder (503)681-0256
1230 2177 NW 185th, Hillsboro, OR SWY Amber Owens (503) 645-6631
1260 401 S Roosevelt, Seaside, OR SWY Mark Hay Shauntay Toombs (503) 738-4700
1525 13485 NW Cornell Rd., Cedar Mill, OR SWY Rick Edmunds Ronda Straetz (503) 350-2080
1889 20535 SW Tualatin Hwy., Aloha, OR SWY Denean Pyle Buddy Goad (503) 259-3180
2448 1010 SW Jefferson, Portland, OR SWY Monica Kirk Jacob Williams (503) 205-1849
2627 3250 Leif Erickson Drive, Astoria, OR SWY Steve Andersen Elijah Gannaway (503) 338-2960
2723 1815 4th Street, Tillamook, OR SWY Gordon Plotts Lisa Fitzsimmonds (503) 842-4608
2790 1303 NW Lovejoy, Portland, OR SWY Lyndsay Isaacson Caitie Ataras (503) 205-6746
3557 6055 SW 185th Ave, Beaverton, OR ABS David Fiebich Randy Vanderzanden (503) 642-7059
4318 401 West Columbia River Hwy, Clatskanie, OR SWY Pat Pierce Angie McLeod (503) 728-2490
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