Fantastic Deal for Free/cheap Airline tickets with Southwest!

Please let me start off by saying this is a fantastic deal that not everyone will be able to get.  I dont know when it will end, since its been running for at least 3 months.  This is a credit card deal.  You sign up, if you get accepted, after spending $1, they credit you with 50,000 southwest miles.  My wide and I both signed up for this, got accepted, and we are going to New York for free roundtrip for 27,000 miles each.  That leaves us with remaining miles for at least 1 other flight somewhere. For instance, to sacramento from portland only uses 8000 points for a roundtrip ticket(thats 3 more roundtrip tickets!!), obviously a great deal!

The only “bad” part to the deal, is that there is a annual fee of $99, that they will not wave for you.  So its best to look at the deal = 2(at least roundtrip) flights for $99.  Still a great, great deal.

HERE is the link for the online application.

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