Fred Meyer Weekly Deal Summary 11/27/16 – 12/03/16

Fred Meyer Weekly Deal Summary 11/27/16 - 12/03/16

Here is the Fred Meyer Weekly Deal Summary 11/27/16 – 12/03/16! I have listed most of the grocery items that are in the ad. Fred Meyer is not responsible for any typos I may have made(I don’t think I did)! I have highlighted some of my favorites this week with a **My awesome early source Dried up. 🙁 So i’m working on getting a new one. Hopefully I can make that happen!


Fred Meyer Meat & Seafood Deals

Fresh Private Selection Angus lean Ground beef 90/10, $3.49/lb

**Fresh Heritage Farm Boneless Chicken breast, $1.69/lb**

Kroger or Private Selection bacon, $2.99 with in-ad coupon

**Kroger Ground Sausage-Brats-meatballs, $2.50 with in-ad coupon**

Fresh Simple truth Natural Boneless chicken breasts, $4.99/lb

Simple truth natural ground beef, $6.99

Pork Shoulder Roast, $1.79/lb

Ribeye Steak, $7.99/lb

Pork Country Style Ribs or spareribs, $2.49/lb

Fresh Whole Cooked dungeness crab, $5.99/lb

Wild Lobster tails 4oz, $5

Wild Alaska Whole Sockeye Salmon, $4.99/lb

Flat iron steaks, $6.99/lb

Tyson chicken(strips), $3.99

Fred Meyer Vegetable & Fruit Deals

**Raspberries or blackberries 6oz, $1.25**

**Red-Orange-Yellow bell peppers, $0.99**

Honeycrisp Apples, $2.49/lb

organic Pink Lady or opal apples, $1.99/lb

Organic Fall Squash, $0.99/lb

Simple Truth Organic mini peeled carrots, $1.25

Cucumbers, $0.50

Avocados, $1.25

Texas Red grapefruit, $0.50

Asian pears, $0.99

**Yellow Onions 3lb, $0.99**

Fred Meyer Dairy & Cheese Deals

Simple Truth Cage Free Eggs, $2.50

**Fred Meyer Milk or OJ 1/2gal, $0.99**

Kroger Cream Cheese, $1.25

Fage Greek Yogurt, $5.99

Simple Truth Organic String cheese, $2.99

Fred Meyer Cottage Cheese, $2

Blue Diamond almond breeze, $2.50
$1/2 Blue Diamond Shelf Stable Almond Breeze (exp 12/25/16) SS 10/23/16
Mobile Bonuses( 51$1/2 )
Final Price= $2 ea WYB 2after coupon

Stonyfield Greek Yogurt, $1.25
$0.50/1 Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt (exp Varies)
Final Price= $0.75 ea after coupon

**Challenge Butter, $2.50 with in-ad coupon**
$0.75/1 Challenge Butter Product (exp Varies)
$0.75/1 Challenge Butter Product (exp Varies)
Mobile Bonuses(IB$0.50/1 )
Final Price= $1.75 ea after coupon

Fred Meyer Bread & Bakery Deals

**Country Oven Bread or Buns, $1.33 with in-ad coupon**

Fred Meyer Frozen & Refrigerated Deals

Marie Callenders Dinners, $1.67 with in-ad coupon
$1/3 Marie Callender’s Single Serve Frozen Meals (exp Varies)
$1/3 Marie Callender’s Single-Serve Frozen Meals (exp 12/11/16) SS 10/09/16
Mobile Bonuses(IB$0.50/3 )
Final Price= $1.34ea WYB 3 ea after coupon

**Quorn meatless entrees, $1.99**
$1/1 Quorn Meat-Free Products (exp Varies) Printable
Mobile Bonuses( IB$1.25/1 )
Final Price= $0.99 ea after coupon

Amys Bowls, $3.49

Pillsbury Pie Crust ,$2 with in-ad coupon

Other Fred Meyer Deals

Hersheys XL Bars, $2 for 2 after instore coupon

Carnation Evaporated Milk, $1

Gold Medal Flour, $2

Spice islands spices or extracts 50% off
$1/1 Spice Islands Spice, Seasoning or Extract (exp 1/17/17) SS 11/13/16
Final Price= Varies ea after coupon

Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough, $2.50

**Fred Meyer Peanut Butter, $1.50**

Kraft jet Puffed marshmallows, $0.99

P$$t sugar 4lb, $1.79

Kroger Jumbo Biscuits or crescent rolls, $0.99

**Kroger Canola or Veggie oil 48oz, $2**

Spectrum Coconut oil 14oz, $4.99

Simple truth Organic Raw honey 12oz, $3.29

**Bob red mill Flour 5lb, $1.99**
$1/1 Bob’s Red Mill Product (exp Varies)
Mobile Bonuses(  IB$1/1 )
Final Price= $0.99 ea after coupon(its like buying a 50lb bag for $9.95. GREAT price)

Bulk Almonds, $4.99/lb

Simple Truth Organic coconut flour, $3.49

Simple Truth ORganic Apple sauce, $2.50

Simple Truth Organic agave 23oz, $2.50

Kroger Sugar 2lb brown or powdered, $0.99 with in-ad coupon

**Nestle Toll House Morsels, $2 with in-ad coupon**

Campbells Chunky Soup, $0.99 with in-ad coupon

Fritos or cheetos, $1.77 with in-ad coupon

M&Ms Candy, $2.50 with in-ad coupon

Simple Truth Organic Broth 32oz,$1.50

Simple Truth Vapor distilled water 24pk, $3.99

Simple Truth Organic Kombucha, $2.50

Tropicana OJ 59oz, $2.99

Keebler Townhouse crackers, $2

Kettle Chips, $2

kashi Cereal, $2.50

clif bar, $0.88

Boom Chicka pop Popcorn, $2.50

Boulder Canyon chips, $2.50

Hersheys kisses or miniatures, $2.50

Baby Nut Baby Food, $0.89

all Laundry Detergent, $2.99
$2/2 All Laundry Products (exp Varies)
$2/2 Snuggle or All Product (exp 12/11/16) RP 10/30/16 R
$2/2 All or Snuggle Products (exp 12/11/16) RP 10/30/16
Final Price= $1.99 ea WYB 2 after coupon

Tylenol or Sudafed PE, $5.99
$1/1 Tylenol or Simply Sleep Product (exp 1/1/17) SS 11/06/16 R
$2.50/2 Tylenol or Simply Sleep Products (exp 1/1/17) SS 11/06/16 R
$1/1 Tylenol Cold or Tylenol Sinus Product (exp Varies)
$1/1 Adult TYLENOL Cold or Sinus (exp Varies)
Final Price= $4.99 after coupon

Herbal Essences shampoo, $2.99

Aussie Essences shampoo, $2.99

Charmin 6mega, $4.99 with in-ad coupon
$0.25/1 Charmin Ultra Soft or Strong (exp Varies)
$0.25/1 Charmin Product (exp 11/26/16) P&G 10/30/16
$1/1 Charmin Ultra Soft or Strong (exp Varies)
$0.25/1 Charmin Product (exp 12/24/16) P&G 11/27/16
Final Price= $4.74 ea after coupon

Bounty Paper towels, $4.99 with in-ad coupon
$0.25 off ONE Bounty Paper Towels
Final Price= $4.74 ea after coupon

Old Spice Body Wash, $3.99
$1.25/1 Old Spice Dirt Destroyer Body Wash (exp Varies)
$1/1 Olay/Old Spice Bar or Body Wash (exp 12/10/16) P&G 11/27/16
$2.50/2 Olay/Old Spice Bar or Body Wash (exp 12/10/16) P&G 11/27/16
$1/1 Old Spice Body Wash or Bar Soap (exp Varies)
Final Price= $2.99 ea after coupon

Home Sense Food Storage containers, $1.99

**Kroger Daytime or nitetime liquid gels 48ct!, $6.99 with in-ad coupon**

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