FREE SuperPretzel Bites @ Dollar Tree

I don’t generally post dollar tree deals because the stock varies SOOO much between stores, its not worth the trip.  BUT these super pretzel bites I have seen at every Dollar Tree that has a freezer section, so the odds are pretty good for this deal.

In last Sunday’s paper 8/18 RP, we got a $1/1 Super Pretzel Coupon.  Which makes these FREE!


Buy Up to 4 Super Pretzel Bites(per as many of these coupons you have) per the Dollar Tree coupon rules.
-$1 Use a $1/1 Super pretzel coupon 8/18 RP
Final Price= FREE after coupon


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2 comments to FREE SuperPretzel Bites @ Dollar Tree

  • Mary

    It seems there is a discrepancy between the Red Plum insert that you receive and the one we receive in Lane County (i.e.- Eugene/Springfield area) We do not have this coupon in the 8/18 Red Plum insert. Are you sure of this date? Could it be 8/11? If you are sure, then we just didn’t receive it.
    Yesterday, a RedBox code was in Frugal Living, and it didn’t work. Not in Oregon City or Eugene. Not sure what went wrong on that one. Kind of embarrassing though, as I told some other people about it (bummer–feel so dumb-should have checked it out first before sending emails. 🙁

    • gdog

      Here is a copy of my 8/18 RP, and i pulled out the page that had the coupon on it. If you didnt get it, then it was a regional coupon, that came out in the oregonian! 🙁


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