FREE Sweet Baby Rays Wings Sauce & Marinades @ Safeway

Wow!! Here is a SUPER easy deal to do!!  A big Thanks to “????”(she prefers to go nameless) for the deal heads up!  The Sweet Baby Rays Wings Sauce & Marinades & BBQ Sauces are $0.99 this week, which is a very decent deal.  I listed that deal on the Safeway 6/21-6/27 Weekly Summary.  Our area received the worst Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Coupon, but we DID receive the great Sweet Baby Rays Wings Sauce & Marinade Coupons!  So much so, that this deal is just plain ole straight up FREE, after coupon! 🙂

Deal Details

  • The Sweet Baby Rays Wings Sauce & Marinades are $0.99 through 5/27/17
  • There is a $1/1 Sweet Baby Rays Wings Sauce Coupon 5/21 SS
  • There is a $1/1 Sweet Baby Rays Marinade Coupon 5/21 SS

FREE Sweet Baby Rays Wings Sauce & Marinades @ Safeway FREE Sweet Baby Rays Wings Sauce & Marinades @ Safeway
Although the coupon is for 1 cent more, the coupon comes off beeplessly.  My store only a 1 buffalo wing sauce.  BUT this is a super easy item to get Rain Checks for.  So if your store it out, get a Rain Check, and you will absolutely get this free in the future. 🙂

Buy a Sweet Baby Rays Wings Sauce & Marinades , $0.99
-$1 Use a $1/1 Sweet Baby Rays Wings Sauce Coupon 5/21 SS
Final Price=FREE after coupon

FREE Sweet Baby Rays Wings Sauce & Marinades @ Safeway

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11 comments to FREE Sweet Baby Rays Wings Sauce & Marinades @ Safeway

  • Kathy

    I only have one $1 coupon for SBR’s. My coupon says SBR’s Wing Sauce/Marinades. Does that mean it will also work on any marinade that mentions wings (as in picture above) or does it mean 2 different types of products.: 1. wing sauce, 2. marinades. Your blog is favorite one for Safeway. Thanks for doing it!!!!

  • Camietc

    You really gotta talk with the Murray and Allen store. My cashier this morning would only let me use one of these coupons when I was purchasing two products. Tried explaining to the guy that the coupon states limit one per purchase with limit of two like coupons in the same transaction. Dude was like, nope! Had him put one back and just walked away with one freebie. It’s super frustrating this store is not coupon friendly when it’s just a half mile from my house.

    • gdog

      So i did! i talked with David, the asst store manager about 2 hours ago, and ultimately, the exact above scenario, you were in the right, and the cashier was in the wrong. IF this specific scenario ever happens again, say NICELY ” May i get a second opinion on this from a manager”. David said he absolutely would have taken care of you. 🙂

    • gdog

      I would also say this. I have never said anything liek this before, but i will not. In the first quarter of this year, Murray and allen was the best surveryed store in the whole district!!!!!!!!!!!

      i truly have no idea how that could be possible. The 2nd quarter just ended an they BARELY got 2nd…almost first again!!!!

      PLEASE fill out the surveys with ANYTHING lower than a 6, when these things happen. This store will never change as long as they get customer service rewards from corporate.

      • SF

        This store also has a new Manager. It use to be Mrnez (sp) and is now Kevin.

        I recently moved to the area and stop in this store and have had tons of problems, besides the store being small, so I completely understand your concerns and frustrations.

  • JJ

    Hmm, I will definitely start filling out these surveys now. I avoid Murray/Allen at all cost because they go over your coupons with a fine tooth comb. Not a coupon friendly store. They make you feel like you’re committing a crime when you’re not and they look for every reason to deny a coupon.

  • Camietc

    Indeed they are not a friendly store. I will ask for a managers opinion next time when this occurs. I’ll also complete the surveys whenever I have an issue with a cashier. I was planning my Safeway trip for tomorrow and was going to avoid this store even though it’s close to my home. Knowing you spoke with them makes me happy though. Thank you for doing that. Now if they’ll start to double printable coupons again, that would be amazing.

    • SF

      I have spoken with the old AND the new store manager and BOTH of them have said that printed or paper (coupon section) can be doubled as long as they say that they are a Manufacturers coupon. I always (politely) let them know that I have spoken to the manager and they have allowed it and then ask them to call them themself.

      • gdog

        The reality is I’ve talk to the old manager eight times, and the district manager twice about the store, the customer service manager and the front and manager don’t care. The district manager will enforce the stricter rules if pushed. The store is the worst when it comes to listening to upper management. So the reality is it doesn’t matter how many times if anybody says anything. Unfortunately. again, i would never ever recommend to anyone to fill out negative surveys, but this store is tough on the incosistency. murray & teal is a million times better and 3 minute away.

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