FREE Yoplait Greek Yogurt PLUS other Cheap Items @ Safeway

Wow! I guess I did not initially realize how good of a coupon that Weight Watchers Coupon is.  If you look at the coupon it reads, “Weight Watchers branded product”, and on the coupon is a picture yoplait, boca, and weight watchers… I googled “Weight Watchers branded product” and this is a nice picture of all the Weight Watchers branded items..

So we can see Soup and Canned Veggies and Yogurt and …. LOTS of things!!  Suddenly that $0.75/1 Weight Watchers branded product coupon is looking REALLY good. 🙂  Remember, print tonight and hopefully we get a RESET tomorrow!!!! 🙂

Deal Details


This coupon surprisingly works perfectly!  The coupon scans without beeping!! 🙂

Buy Yoplait Greek Yogurt, $1
-$0.75 Use a $0.75 off Any One (1) Weight Watchers product Coupon
-$0.25 Use a double Coupon
Final Price=FREE after coupon and double

FREE Yoplait Greek Yogurt PLUS other Cheap Items @ Safeway


As you can see, other items that carry the “Weight Watchers Points” Symbol.  After double, close to FREE. NEXT WEEK some of these items are FREE! 🙂


green2 green2q soup


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