FREE/Cheap Movie Tickets W/Visa Checkout @ Fandango

Last week Fandango and Visa Checkout teamed together to give basically FREE Movie Tickets out.  The promo is ALL about getting people to try out the Visa Checkout Service.  You do need a Visa Card(debit or Credit) to do this deal, but other than that its a EASY deal to do!

FREE/Cheap Movie Tickets W/Visa Checkout @ Fandango

Deal Details

Buy any Movie through Fandango.com for ANY Weekend showing of ANY Movie, Use Visa Checkout to “Buy” the Movie, Use the Promo code VCSAVE10, Get $10 instantly off your purchase.

There is also another Movie Promo Code that gets us $1 off per ticket that we can STACK with the Visa Checkout Code  =  1OFFTIXGMAIL


So Here are some step by step directions for you!

#1) First go to Fandango.com, and choose ANY movie for a weekend showing.  This can even be a FUTURE showing as long as you choose a weekend day.

2#) I chose Pixels for Next Saturday, July 25th.  I chose a 1:45pm showing, so its still Matinee prices.  As you can see the price for this movie is $8.50.  (remember we get $10 off with the promo code + $1 off with other code)


3#) Notice a few things below with the next step.  You can checkout as a guest or Fandango account. You will need to check the “Visa Checkout” Option below.  You put in the VCSAVE10 promo code, in the Promo Code area, and once you hit apply, you will notice $10 will come off your “Total” Price.  Fandango adds a $1.35 service fee.  So the $8.50 + $1.35 price =$9.85, which is less than the $10 promo code=FREE!


4#)  IF you want to choose a 3D movie the price would be $11 + $1.35=$12.35 total.  You could use the $10 Code and the $1 Code and PAY $1.35 to your visa card.  Obviously a great deal. 🙂

Setting up a Visa Checkout “account” is super easy.  Its super secure and makes your Visa checkout across all retailers that use Visa Checkout much faster.  But I did this for the Movie tickets. 🙂

The promo terms state one per customer.  I got 2 Movie Tickets in 2 separate transactions.  One for me and One for my wife.  The promo restricts you to 2 tickets PER IP Address.  I used the same Visa Checkout account, and just used 2 different emails for the Guest Checkout, my email and my wifes email.

The promo states “while supplies last”  Im assuming since this promo is going on ALL Summer wide, each weekend they will have a supply of tickets, so Hurry and get on this promo!

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