Free/MoneyMaker on Shirataki Noodles @ Whole Foods [BEGINNER]

What a Great deal on these House of Foods Shirataki Noodles.  They were a good price last week, and this week they are a Money Maker, EASY deal to do!!  This deal is for the length of this ad cycle, thru 8/13.


The House of Foods Shirataki are $1.39 each (Buy 2=$2.78)
Use a $1.50/2 House of Foods Shirataki Whole Foods Coupon
AND use a $1.50/2 House of Foods Shirataki Printable MQ Coupon (print to pdf?)
Final Price= -$0.22 Money Maker PER 2 packs you buy! (remember to buy other stuff to cover overage!)

These are VERY low in calories and a great dairy/gluten free noodles alternative which I would have to say taste like a really good ramen noodle, slighty softer, but firm…..almost like spaghetti!

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