New Printable Coupons – Weekly Post 3/24/14 + $1.50/1 Udis Coupon

Here are the latest New Printable’s in my weekly Coupon Update! Not alot of coupons this week, but out of the ones that came out, there are MANY good ones!

I LOVE the fact they list the coupons expiration date on the pictures below, and as you can see, most are quite a bit out. So we can print now and actually wait for the best time to use them. Remember the Good ones always seem to run out!

Here are Four Quick Tips to make printing coupons easier.

  1. When you go to print any, and you want to search for more coupons, you have to scroll down, clicking “Show More Coupons” each time. Here is the tip. Once you click on “Show More Coupons” , before you move your mouse or click any other key, start hitting the “Space bar” Each time you hit it, it opens the next section of coupons. Hitting it 15-20 times will open up basically the whole entire selection! Saves sooooooo much time!
  2. To change Zip Codes easily, First Click HERE. Change the value to the desired Zip Code, and click the “GO” next to it.
  3. Then Select the link below, and you should be able to find the Coupon that is listed!
  4. On the Home page of this site on the lower right hand side, you will see a new box that displays printable coupons. That box is updated seconds after a new coupons has been released on If you don’t want to wait for my weekly printable coupon updates, feel free to look there often, and print what you need! It will look like this

Here are a TON of new coupons that don’t have accompanying pictures but are GREAT coupons!
a NEW $1/1 Coffee Mate Creamer Coupon (still available!)
a NEW $1/1 any De Wafelbakkers Pancakes Bag or Box (Change Zip to 34869)
a NEW $0.50/1Land O Lakes Butter Spread Tub
a NEW $1/1 Oscar Mayer P3 Portable Protein Pack (Still available)
a NEW $1.50/1 Udi’s Gluten-Free Bread or Frozen Pizza product coupon
a NEW $1/1 ANY Lava Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner coupon (Change Zip to 84042)

Just click on one of the Pictures below!

$12.00 off any Valvoline SynPower Motor Oil $1.00 off TWO Kettle Brand Potato Chips
$1.00 off Farmland Bacon, Cubed Ham or Diced Ham $1.00 off ONE Kernel Season's jar 2.7oz - 10.2oz
$1.00 off 1 Mott's Fruit Punch Rush juice $1.00 off two PLANTERS Nuts or Peanut Butter
$2.00 off ONE IAMS SO GOOD Dry Dog Food, 6.3 lb $2.00 off THREE Wet IAMS Cat Food
$0.85 off any 32 oz. FUZE Iced Tea Concentrate $1.00 off any one (1) State Fair Mini Corn Dog
$2.00 off Chronicles Of Narnia On Blu-Ray $2.00 off When you purchase The Sandlot On Blu-Ray
$2.00 off Diary Of A Wimpy Kid On Blu-Ray $1.00 off Zest Creamy Cocoa Butter Body Wash
$1.00 off any Kiss or Broadway Nails Product $0.50 off any one Ore-Ida Hash Brown Product
$3.00 off ONE (1) Nature's Miracle Green Leaf $5.00 off any Nurse Jackie DVD or Blu-Ray
$5.00 off MAD MEN Season 1-6 on DVD or Blu-Ray $1.50 off Spectracide Weed & Grass Killer Product
$1.00 off Oxy Daily Defense Advanced Cleanser $2.00 off any Anacin product
$1.00 off any ONE (1) BOCA Meatless Product $2.00 off any Vitron-C product

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