Whole Foods Deals Portland NW 9/30/15 – 10/13/15

Whole Foods Deals Portland NW 9/30/15 - 10/13/15

Here are the Whole Foods Deals Portland NW 9/30/15 – 10/13/15!! Whole Foods changes their ad pricing twice a month. The “FIRST” ad cycle for this month goes from 9/30 through 10/13. Here are the items that are on sale these weeks in the Portland, Oregon area.

(I took a TON of pictures, but These are the best deals I could find this week!! 🙂 )

We can also use the NEW Sept/Oct Whole Foods Coupons!

Another little fun fact. Any time you see a price end in “$?.77“, that means that its on a Regional Clearance. The price will be good until they run out of product!

Another item to report. Whole Foods NW Region has started to enforce the “One per customer” on their Whole Deal Coupons. Matter of fact, they have instructed their stores to not even offer the coupons to people at the store!! Apparently some of their vendors have complained that too many people in the NW redeem to many coupons. lol. So although the National Coupon policy expressly states we can use multiple coupons, the NW Region will be upholding the coupon wording. I have talked to 5 stores in Portland. 4 are still “choosing” to follow the National Policy. 1 Store is now slightly better(Hollywood). I will be trying to get some clarification on how long this might last, but at the moment, All the stores should at least allow multiple transactions, if you want to buy more than one of the same items that use the Whole Deal coupons.

Deal #1

Here are 4 GREAT Veggie/Fruit Deals! THESE deals are just good until 10/06!

2015-09-30 15.46.31

2015-09-30 15.47.18 2015-09-30 15.47.49 2015-09-30 15.46.55

Deal #2 –ONLY through 10/6

2015-09-30 15.50.45 2015-09-30 15.50.27

Spectrum Organic Flaxseed or Chia Seed, $3.50-5.69

Deal #3


Organic Valley FUEL Shakes, $3
Use a $1.50/1 Organic Valley FUEL Shake coupon(revtrax)
AND Use a $1/1 Organic Valley FUEL Shake Whole Foods coupon
Final Price=$0.50 after coupons

Deal #4


Organic Valley Balance Shakes, $2.50
Use a $1/1 Organic Valley Balance Shake coupon(revtrax)
AND Use a $1/1 Organic Valley FUEL Shake Whole Foods coupon
Final Price=$0.50 after coupons

I printed out 12 of each(case discount) of the MQ and 24 of the WQ, and payed $5.40 for 24 of the above(12 and12) today. 🙂

Deal #5

2015-09-30 15.57.28

Biokleen Dish Soap, $4.17**
Use a $1/1 Biokleen Dish product
Final Price=$3.17 after coupon

Deal #6

2015-09-30 15.59.25

Lifeway ProBugs Organic Kefir 4pk, $4.49
Use a $1/2 Lifeway Probugs 4pk coupon
AND Use a $1/2 Lifeway Probugs Whole Foods coupon
Final Price=$3.49ea WYB 2 after coupons

Deal #7

2015-09-30 16.00.18

MELT Organic Spread $3.79
Use a $2/1 Melt Organic Spread
AND Use a $1/1 Melt Organic Spread Whole Foods Coupon
Final Price=$0.79 after coupons(some may have a $1 ibotta=MoneyMaker!)

Deal #8

2015-09-30 16.02.53

Way Better Chips, $2.50
Use a $1/1 Way Better chips Whole Foods Coupon
Final Price=$1.50 after coupons

Deal #9

2015-09-30 16.03.28

Kettle Baked Potato Chips, $2
Use a $1/2 Kettle Chips coupon
Final Price=$1.50ea WYB 2 after coupon
Deal #10

2015-09-30 16.07.09

Clif Zbar pack, $3
Use a $1/2 clif bar multipack coupon
Final Price=$2.50ea WYB 2 after coupons

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