Whole Foods Jan/Feb 2016 ‘The Whole Deal’ Coupon Booklet @ Whole Foods

Its a New month at Whole Foods! (actually everywhere. 🙂 ) This is a look at the NEXT Whole Deal Booklet for January and February. We can use the following Whole Foods Coupons this ad cycle starting today!  Also Whole Foods pulled the Nov/Dec Coupon booklets, but we can use them ALL January.  EVERY month there is always a deal using the previous months coupons, although this months booklet looks VERY much like last month.  I Hope that’s not a new theme at Whole Foods. … 🙁

 Whole Foods Jan/Feb 2016 'The Whole Deal' Coupon Booklet @ Whole Foods

The new booklet is in a New Format, its MUCH smaller. The Next 2 months worth of coupons contain some Pretty GOOD coupons! And I have the current coupon match-ups that we can stack with the new Whole Foods Coupons!

Here is a list of the new Whole Foods Coupons that will be available January 1st in store and online.

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4 comments to Whole Foods Jan/Feb 2016 ‘The Whole Deal’ Coupon Booklet @ Whole Foods

  • jessica

    Hi I cannot find the wholesome brand coupon 🙁

    • gdog

      its a new thing for them. they are not showing some coupons for certain areas once a certain print limit is reached. very lame. its an EASY fix. choose another state store. like nevada…or whatever. MANY other states show the complete list. They are the same coupons, so its not like its anything special. Once you find a store that has them all, get a PDF printer(i recommend CutePDF, its free). That way you can use the”Print all” and print to PDF, that way if you need a coupon in future you will have them all. very silly of Whole Foods……

  • Jessica

    Thank you for your reply…do you know what state or city the coupon is under? ..I did about 10 different picks and can not find it…also I went to the store to get the booklet jax Florida and it is not there…thank you once again!

  • Jessica

    Ok ..I think I know what is going on…the wholesome brand coupon has expired …it was in the last booklet that expired on January 31…since you mentioned in one of your posts that the new and old booklet are pretty much the same….I think now when they release a new booklet and the old booklet is not expiring…they mix the coupons together on their website and once it expires they move those coupons 🙁

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