About Me

Who Spends Money?  That’s a great question.  Using Coupons effectively can get you closer and closer to that beautiful point of not spending money!  There are many, many, many websites out there that keep track of ongoing deals.  This is almost another one of those.  The biggest difference is I test out all the deals that are posted.  Don’t you hate when you see a posted deal, you go to try it, and it doesn’t work?  Perhaps REALLY doesn’t work.  So other than the weekly deal summaries, the deals you find here are real world great deals that actually work!  I hope anything you find here is a help to you!

A little about me…mmm, well i do the “coupon” thing as a hobby. I shop mainly in the Portland, OR area, and I try very hard to follow the coupon rules. Because I do, I also try very hard to keep the Stores/Managers “Coupon Honest.” They insist people follow the rules, yet when it comes to certain things they have pre-existing ideas about, its funny how “New” rules come into play. So I try to help/remind them what allowed and not allowed, so that everything I post here you can have the confidence that you will be able to perfectly reproduce it at the store. So….

Thanks for stopping by!!  🙂

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