Master List of Abbreviations



With all the deals that you will see, there is unique coupon lingo that I use to describe the deals.  Here are a few of the abbreviations that you will see.  Also as you will see I use some more than others.

$/x: A certain dollar amount off of a certain number of items. Such as $1/1 is one dollar off one item and $1/2 is one dollar off two items.

x/$: How many items you can get for a certain dollar amount. For example, if I put 5/$10 then that means that five items will cost ten dollars total.

AC – After Coupon

AR – After Rebate

Blinkies – in-store Smart Source coupon dispensed near product, usually from red blinking box

BOGO or B1G1– Buy one get one free

Catalina Coupon – These are the coupons that print out of the machine next to the cash register

CAT– This is another abbreviation for the above item, Catalina coupon

CS– Customer Service

DND – Do Not Double (the coupon is not supposed to be doubled)

EXP: Expiration Date

FAR: Free After Rebate

GC: Gift Card

GM: General Mills coupon insert in the Sunday paper

IP – Internet Printable

IVC –Monthly Booklet Coupons at Walgreen’s

MIR: Mail In Rebate

MQ: Manufacturer’s Coupon

NET – Your Net out of pocket (ie. total price paid minus coupons or coupon received, $8 paid, and you get a $5 CAT back, your NET is $3)

OYNO – On your next order

OYNP – On your next Purchase

OOP – Out of Pocket

P&G: Proctor & Gamble coupon insert in the Sunday paper

Peelie – coupon that you peel off the package

RC – Raincheck

RP(1 or 2) = Red Plum Sunday Supplement Coupons

RR – Register Rewards(These are Catalina coupons)

SS(1 or 2) – Smart Source or Sunday Supplement coupons

Tearpad – A pad of refund forms or coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display

TVC – Twice Value Coupon (these are what the double coupons found at Albertson’s are called)

UPR: +UP Rewards.  Rite Aid rewards that you get back at the register.  You can use these rewards like cash on future Rite Aid purchases

VV: Video Values.  When you watch videos on the Rite Aid website you get Rite Aid coupons for certain products

WT – Winetag

WAGS: Walgreens

WYB – When You Buy

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary= success of the attempt may vary at your store. Each store has a personality, based mostly on the Store Manager. Some Stores are VERY liberal in taking coupons for deals, and some are not.

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