Does it matter who checks you out?



Does it matter who checks you out?

This is a tough subject.  Because we really do want every cashier to be that nicely trained, emphasis on customer service, ready to help me, let’s make this my best trip ever, kind of person.  But in this day and age of taking whatever shifts are available, working two jobs, I haven’t had my break yet work day, sometimes that’s what we encounter.  So what are some things can we do to make our shopping trip the best within our power?

1)   Smile.  No really smile.  If you had to check out 100’s of people a day, most of which don’t care if you exist, it’s amazing how far a smile can go.  Treating them like humans instead of an instrument to get out of the store as soon as possible will go miles towards a smooth transaction.

2)  Be Kind.  Cashiers are not there to do your couponing for you.  So however many ways you can help them the better.  This starts from the moment you walk up to the register. Are there tons of lines open and are there tons of people in the lines? Are there a ton of people behind you? I personally always just do 1 transaction,(maybe 2 if both are like 1 item transactions).  I tell the cashier I have a few transactions with coupons, but I am just going to do one. It’s funny how wonderful that works.  I say it loud enough that the person behind me hears it too.  Then I go back through that cashiers line.  Usually the second time through the cashier is just that much nicer and I don’t get any coupon “attitude.”

3)  Pick your time.  Unless you just have time to waste, do not coupon shop at prime evening times. That is just the worst time.  If possible, go at a time when there will be less people in the store, it will allow you to be in and out SO much faster.

4)  Be Prepared.   Waiting until the cashier has scanned 90% of your items is NOT the time to start getting your coupons ready.  I know I have been behind someone with a wad of coupons, half in hand, half in various binders and envelopes, trying to figure out which items they just bought and if they have coupons for them. You have your shopping list.  Have those coupons ready before you walk in to the store.  The cashiers and customers behind you will love you for it.

5)  Pay Attention. Cashiers are not perfect.  They make mistakes.  So if you have in mind what you are buying and what coupons you are using, watching as the items are being initially scanned can save you a trip to the Customer Service desk after you’ve paid.  If something doesn’t seem right, ask. Most probably you know what is going on more than they do.  Mention to them what you were expecting.  It is SO much easier for them to “fix” something there and then, than to bring it to another person who wasn’t there.  If I know something is supposed to work, and I am getting major push back or attitude, kindly ask to talk to a manager. Say it with a smile.  Getting a second opinion is not a hassle.  Sometimes this kindness makes things “fix” themselves, before the manager arrives. 🙂

6)  Worst Case.  After what seems to be “days” in line, talking to everyone on earth and your problem is not being fixed, what now?  Be calm. Really.  Be Calm.  It’s just groceries and it’s just time, odds are (99%+ chance) you will get more. 🙂 You can go here, Manager Detail Pages, and find out who the store manager is. Or if you have already talked with them, let me know, I have District, Regional, and higher contacts.  Your problem, if you are in the right, will get answered.  The higher the level you go, the better overall result you generally get.

I have my favorite cashiers.  I will wait in line the extra 2-3 minutes for them.  In the long run, it’s just easier.  I know which cashiers to avoid.  And I do.  But by making their (the cashiers) experience the best you can, truly, the better and faster you will be on your way, having been coupon successful.

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