$0.10 Sheba Cat Food @ Target

There has been MANY Target deals these last few weeks.  BUT 100% of the time I go to test the deals, I get there in the afternoon of a new Ad Cycle(Sunday afternoon), and not only is the product already gone, there is none of that product for 250 miles. lol. 🙂 AND I called every 3 days, and nothing ever comes back in stock until the sale week is over of course.  That just seem to be the way it is at Target in our area.  But this is a deal that will probably be in stock for duration and you may actually have a chance to get some!!!  (oh, and it helps to have a Cat 🙂 )

Deal Details

$0.10 Sheba Cat Food @ Target

So this deal does require you to print out 3 coupons.  Its easy though.  Click on the 3 links above or below.  You will need to sign up with Cartwheel if you have never used it before, but its an easy sign up.  Once you have all 3 coupons printed, you are good to go.


Buy 10 Sheba Cat Food, $0.52 (=$5.20)
-$2 Use a $2/10 Sheba Cat Food Target Store Coupon   <–Hand over this coupon first
-$2 Use a B5G5 Sheba Cat Food Coupon
-$0.16 Use a 5% off Sheba Target Cartwheel Coupon
Final Price=$1.04 for 10(or $0.10) after coupons

I did this transaction twice.

2014-11-16 17.53.10

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1 comment to $0.10 Sheba Cat Food @ Target

  • Lynn

    Thank you for the post! 20 cans later and only .88 out of pocket!
    I think my Cartwheel was for 10% off. Enjoy your site as I am in the PNW, I check it daily.

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