$0.13 Honey Nut Cheerio Crunch Medley Cereal @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

{UPDATE]It appears the Printable coupon is out of prints!!!  bummer, you still could do the deal, and they will be $0.88 each.  still not too bad!

Here is a very easy deal to do.  It requires a few easy steps, but it makes the cereal basically free!!

Deal Details

  • There is a J4U e-Coupon that you can load that makes these $1.88 each
  • There is also a $1 off per box J4U coupon that works ALONG with the above coupon
  • There is a $0.75/1 Honey Nut Cheerio Crunch Medley Cereal printable coupon HERE!


First we add the e-coupon to our Safeway card. Log in to your Safeway J4U account, Go to “Coupon Center “. Scroll down under “Breakfast & Cereal”, and you should see the following TWO coupons, “Add” them to your card.

Then print out the Honey Nut Cheerio Crunch Medley Cereal  printable coupon HERE.  remember its 2 per computer.

Now the key point of this deal is that you need to do it ALL in one transaction.  So print out however many coupons you can.  Buy as many boxes of this type of cereal as you have coupons.  The $1 off J4U coupon will come off for each box you buy in a single transactions.  Also the $1.88 price will apply to all the boxes in a single transaction.

If you notice on the $1.88 coupon, there is a limit of 4.

4 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerio Crunch Medley Cereal =$3each
-$4.48   (the instant off to bring them to $1.88 each)
-$4  $1 off J4U coupon instantly per box i bought
-$3.00  6x $0.75/1 Honey Nut Cheerio Crunch Medley Cereal Printable Coupon
=$0.52 for six boxes or $0.13 each.

Remember you could do this deal with just 2 coupons, but i wanted to maximize as much as i could!  If you wanted to do more than 4, you will have to use another Safeway Club Card. 😉



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