$0.25 S&W Chili Beans @ Albertsons

{UPDATE See below}  NICE!  A Great Deal on S&W Beans.  This is the cheapest these have been, that I can recall.  Plus I can’t remember I specifically went to Albertsons for a Coupon Deal!! Woohoo! They work out to $0.25 after coupon!  Thank you to Jen that mentioned this deal on the Weekly Albertsons Thread(she also mentioned a bonus idea 😉 )!!

Deal Details




This is a plain and simple Deal.  Buy as many chili type beans in sets of 2 that you have coupons for!  I say Chili type beans because the picture on the coupon shows kidney and black.  They also have a actual “Chili” type of Bean.  I’m assuming they mean beans that you would use for chili.  Hopefully they agree, since its not exactly clear.

The $1/2 coupon is for all the types of Beans that use “Chili” in the Name.  Such as the ones mentioned here at this page, http://www.swbeans.com/product_chili-makins.cfm !

Buy 2 S&W Chili type Beans, $0.75 (=$1.50 total)
-$1 Use a $1/2 S&W Chili Beans Coupon
Final Price=$0.50 for 2 cans(or $0.25ea) after coupon

$0.25 S&W Chili Beans @ Albertsons

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5 comments to $0.25 S&W Chili Beans @ Albertsons

  • Jen

    I also found a coupon for $1/3 Essentials Everyday tomatoes http://www.albertsons.com/our-stores-2/online-coupons/ They were mixed in with the other regular coupons at the site.

    I didn’t know if it would scan for full value when I bought 3 tomato sauce at $0.25 each. It did and so I got $0.25 overage for each coupon. (I also had Essentials Everyday Apple Juice in the order, I don’t know if that made a difference.) First great couponing shopping trip at Albertson’s in months.

  • Andy

    I’m going to have to respectfully disagree on this one – “Chili Beans” are a specific variety of bean that S&W offers.

    While it is true that the picture may seem to indicate otherwise, just think of all the times that the picture doesn’t fit the wording of the coupon anyhow.

    I’m not going to make this one a crusade, though, as I do agree it is far more open to interpretation than the clear misuses I like to call out at other sites. 😉

  • Jessica

    My walmart has these beans for $.67 regular price. After coupon, only $.17 each.

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