$0.35(or cheaper) Katys Pop Chips @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

Wow.  Safeway should really test some of these J4U coupons out before they allow you to add them to your Club Card. This is a quick and easy deal that requires no paper coupons!

Deal Details

  • The Katys Pop Chips are 2/$4 this week
  • There is a J4U B1G1 eCoupon you can add to your Club Card
  • There is also a J4U eCoupon that makes these $1.50 each!


First we add the e-coupon to our Safeway card. Log in to your Safeway J4U account, Go to “Coupon Center “. Scroll down under “Cookies, Snacks & Candy”, and you should see the following TWO coupons, “Add” them to your card.


Then We go to Safeway.

You want to look for these chips,


You need to buy 2 of them to make this deal work.

Buy 2 Katys Pop Chips =$4
-$0.50 (the discount that makes these $1.50 each, and one comes off since we are using a BuyONEgetONE coupon)
-$2.79 (the B1G1 Coupon actually takes off the full shelf price, in my case $2.79)
=$0.71  for 2 bags, or $0.35ish each!!!  No paper coupons required!!

I tested this deal with 4 bags per transaction, and the B1G1 comes off only once.  So you can only get this great price with 2 per transaction per card.  So if you had another card… 😉  Also, if your shelf price is higher, say $3.29, that’s the price that will come off for the B1G1 eCoupon, so these will actually come out to $0.21 for both!! Even Cheaper!!


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