$0.49 Zevia 6pk @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

Here is a Great Deal on this soda.  Even cheaper than Fred Meyer was a few weeks ago.  Comes out to $0.49/6pk!

Deal Details

  • They are $3.50 this week normal price
  • There is a In-Ad Zevia Coupon that makes them $2.99 each!
  • There is the $2/1 Zevia Coupon in the 1/20SS
  • We can use Double Coupons here

So you can do this deal for as many Zevia Coupons you have (or order! :-))

Buy 1 Zevia 6pk =$3.50
-$0.50  Use the in-ad coupon
-$2        Use the $2/1 Zevia Coupon
-$0.50  Use one double coupon
=$0.49 for 1 Zevia 6pk  (+$0.30 deposit)


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2 comments to $0.49 Zevia 6pk @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

  • Amanda

    I am not sure I understand your math. I am looking at the same coupon for safeway and it makes the Zevia $2.99 not taking off $2.99. Using a $2 coupon that would make the soda $.99 a 6-pack:
    Coupon Price-$2.99-$2(coupon)= $0.99 (plus deposit/tax)
    If I am missing something please let me know.


    • gdog

      In the portland oregon area, we have double coupons. the coupon comes each week in the safeway ad. it doubles a MQ up to $0.50each up to 4 coupon per transaction/day. So $2.99-$2-$0.50(double)=$0.49

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