$0.50 Fresh Express Clamshell Salads @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

Maybe I was blind and missed this, but part of the $5 Friday this week(today) the Fresh Express Clamshells Salads are $2/5 (or $2.50 each).  There is a new and GREAT $2 off any Fresh Express Clamshells Salads in the new Safeway Produce coupon booklet!  Which makes them $0.50 each!

So this deal works by just going into the store TODAY.  But you can add this “$5 deal” to your Safeway club Card which will enable you do get this price through Sunday.  To add this deal to your club card…

..go to www.Safeway.com and click the Just 4 U icon in the top left, it will take you to a screen where you then click on “Coupon Center”. –> or go HERE  You will need to log in using your Safeway.com login information!

You then on the Left hand side towards the bottom click “$5 Weekend Deals”. Then click “Add” to this one.

This will allow you to do the deal all THIS Weekend!

The Free Safeway coupon booklet is in some random spot in the produce section.  Each store gets HUNDREDS of these and it comes out monthly, this is part of June’s booklet. This is what it looks like,

OR you can just print the coupon out, as the booklet comes out as a PDF online.  You can get it HERE!

Once you have the coupon printed, or just get them at the store(i just got them at the store), you are ready to go!

Buy 2(or however many coupons you have) Fresh Express Clamshell Salads @ $2.50 each
-$4 Use 2 x $2/1 Fresh Express Clamshell Salad coupons
Final Price = $1 for 2 salads or $0.50 each!!

These are bigger than the bag salads, and last much longer because of the container they come in!  This is about the cheapest you find these, so if this is something you want, its worth getting!

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