{UPDATE} $0.50 (or WAAAAYY Cheaper) Lays Kettle Potato Chips @ Safeway [INTERMEDIATE]

This is one of those deals that don’t come around that often.  One of those deals you say, remember when “X” went on sale for “$X”!  Safeway has hit the perfect tri-fecta of deal promotions in this item.  The per cost Bag of the Lays Kettle Potato Chips should be around $0.50 each, with NO coupons!!!  OR cheaper as you’ll read below! (keep reading)

Deal Details

  • The Lays Kettle Potato Chips are $3 each this week on Sale
  • If you remember from the weekly ad, They are included in the Buy 5 Save $5 instantly Promo
  • Starting today is a nation wide promo on JUST the kettle variety, that makes them B1G1!
  • If you hit the jackpot, you could also have a Personalized Price for these on your club card!

I told you it was A LOT of promos. 🙂

This deal will only work if you see B1G1 Tags. The store in brown below have the B1G1 tags(But as of this morning, all stores should work!!!)

So going to the stores that have the B1G1 tag, you want to at least buy 6 bags of chips.  Because we need to trigger the Buy 5 Save $5 promo.  I bought in multiples of 10 to get the best savings.

Now to make this deal so that each bag costs $0.05 cents <–yep, see if you have a Personalized price on these Lays Kettle Potato Chips.

If you go to www.Safeway.com and click the Just 4 U icon in the top left, it will take you to a screen where you then click on “Personalized Deals”. –> or go HERE  You will need to log in using your Safeway.com login information!

You then on the left hand side click “Cookies, Snacks & Candy”.  Click “Add” to this one, IF you have it.(woohoo)

Buy 10 bags of Lays Kettle Potato Chips = $30.00
-$15  5 x $3 B1G1 promo coming off
-$10 2 x Buy 5 Save $5 promo coming off
Final Price = $5 for 10 bags(or $0.50 each) <–This price will vary a little because of each stores price points.

But if you have a personalized price as i did above, this is what it looks like.

Buy 10 bags of Lays Kettle Potato Chips = $30.00
-$15  5 x $3 B1G1 promo coming off
-$10 2 x Buy 5 Save $5 promo coming off
-$4.55  This is the CRAZY math that the register does with the Personalized Pricing
Final Price = $0.55 for 10 bags(or $0.055 each)

So testing out some of the stores, I bought quite a few of these, and most stores had tons.  I hope you are willing, as this deal just works, scan the items, watch the register do crazy price things on the screen, and watch your final cost be cheap.  This will work at all stores!

30 bags for $1.65 total, no coupons


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11 comments to {UPDATE} $0.50 (or WAAAAYY Cheaper) Lays Kettle Potato Chips @ Safeway [INTERMEDIATE]

  • Michele

    Fantastic! Unfortunately I do not have the personalized price. Great job.

  • mona fields

    On the delivery page on SW website, for my area, it shows all the Kettle Chips BOGO as $3.89. I’m getting confused. 🙁

    • gdog

      perfect! ill be updating the above here in a few, but MOST if not all stores went to B1G1 this morning. Safeway never double tags items. So just because they show up as $3.89 B1G1, they will still ring up at your personalized price if you have one. Also, regardless you will get the Buy 5 Save $5 promo on top! (did i answer your question?) 🙂

  • Cookie

    I don’t have the personal price either 🙁 But I do have a $1.99 personal price for FE salad kits and I have some of those $2 coupons from the produce mag last month 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • mona fields

    Yes. But I don’t have a PP. So, I’m trying to figure out the price I’ll pay for 10. We go through a lot of chips during the summer.

    • gdog

      i dont think there is a way to tell, honestly. figuring out how safeway calculates these B1G1 + other promos is practically impossible. It has to do with the shelf price, for the B1G1, and since each store is slightly different….at $3.89 your worst case is $9.85 for 10, but i think it will be cheaper. I would bring up one bag of chips, have them scan it 10 times, see what the price is, and then have void the order. if the price is acceptable, you can come back through line with the 10 you want. if its not, then no harm done and youll know exactly what that price is.

  • mona fields

    Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I’ll do.

  • heidi

    Just bought 10 bags in Vancouver. Shelf price was 3.49, so it ended up being .75/each. All the discounts came off and only had to spend $7.45 for 10 bags…not too shabby!!

  • Alex

    $100 visa cards are printing a $10 catalina through mid July.

    Buy 1 $100 Visa Gift card ($5.95 activation fee)
    Pay $105.95
    get $10 catalina
    $4.05 MM after catalina
    1 per transaction

    I have done this 5 times so far, I just keep paying with the gift card rolling it over to another gift card and coming out of pocket $5.95 to get $10
    Doing this before you buy the chips would make them that much cheaper!!!

  • mona fields

    I paid $7.45 for ten bags in Kelso WA as well.

  • Cookie

    These were $3.49 in my store too, so would have been $0.75 per bag. Since most expired in less than a month and I would have to buy 10 get that price, I passed. but picked up a few more FE kits 🙂

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