$0.50 Tide Detergent TODAY ONLY –UPDATE– @ Safeway

Sigh.  Safeway has been loving couponers for sooooo long.  Why did they have to change that now?  hehe  I heard that the $0.50 deal was having issues, so I went to test around this morning.  Overall my results are:

oooohhh, Safeway, why did you have to mess with one of the best deals this year!!!! 🙂

So 99.9% of ALL in-ad coupons in the past(10+ years?) were coded as STORE coupons.  And of course you can stack store coupons with Manufacturer coupons.  But for some reason they coded in-ad Tide coupon as a “J4U MFR ECoupon”!
Why?  Is that a mistake?  Is that a glimpse into things to come?  Maybe, and probably not.

So will the cashier make this deal happen for you?  Probably.  Have Safeway received any official memos on this yet? No.  So when you do this deal, make sure you scan the IN-AD Store coupon First.  Then give them the $2/1 Tide 7/27 P&G coupon.  That way they can push it through.

Again, the store I tested this morning had NO problems doing it.  AND I hope very much that your stores does too!

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7 comments to $0.50 Tide Detergent TODAY ONLY –UPDATE– @ Safeway

  • Katy

    which store did you go to? TIA!

  • maja

    Tried like you said but no luck. They said it’s mc so I can use just one coupon. $3 Tide not so good deal for me. Even spoke with manager ( 117 ave store) and she said no ( she was nice as me to) but I just passed tide to her and got my money back.

  • I don't shop @ Walmart

    My store had message on shelf with Tide that in-ad coupon is MC and they will not take another MC coupon. They had corporate telephone # to call if any questions. So, I haven’t tried this deal myself.

  • pixie saver

    Bought Tide this am and gave the manuf q first, then when my in ad q was scanned it kicked out my manuf q. Didn’t notice until later, so I’ll either be getting back my money or returning the Tide. Phoooey!

  • gdog

    What a Messed up promo. I heard this morning, they got word they could accept the in-ad coupon and the P&G coupon. Then there was the retraction, which technically did not mention combining the P&G and in-ad coupon. I still got 5 or 6 at various stores today but it was NOT easy. sigh.

    This deal was not a blogger deal gone wrong. this problem is 100% safeaway. and hopefully it was a one time fluke!

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