$0.67 Private Selection Ice Cream/Sorbet pints w/Catalina @ Fred Meyer

Here is the nice little deal on ice cream and sorbet that we can do through this month!  $0.67 per pint is a really good price!!!

Deal Details

  • The Private Selection Ice Cream and Sorbet pints are $1.50 each through September
  • There is a Buy 3 get a $2.50 OYNP Catalina STORE Coupon available through 7/30/14!


2014-07-13 08.13.41 2014-07-13 08.13.31

Buy any 3 of the Private Selection Pints @ $1.50ea (=$4.50 total)
Final Price OOP=$4.50 and get a $2.50 OYNP Catalina STORE Coupon
Final Price after Catalina=$2 for 3(or $0.67ea)


2014-07-13 08.29.19

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7 comments to $0.67 Private Selection Ice Cream/Sorbet pints w/Catalina @ Fred Meyer

  • Maja

    are they good? I like creamy ice cream:)

  • gdog

    the huckleberry is actaully pretty good. for $0.67 even if its not perfect… 🙂

  • Cate

    I got 3 today and did NOT get a cat, oh well. Still a good price for my favorite treat.

    • gdog

      The catalina machine must have been down. I am so sorry! You are the first out of MANY that did not receive it. Since this catalina is number based and since its catalina prints on EVERY private selection frozen item(pizza, frozen fruit, chicken nuggets, frozen hamburger patties…everything), the catalina has a low threshold for printing. so low that odds are it was a machine that was down. If you want next time your in the store, got to CS and ask them about it. I beleive they have a special code for this catalina, that they can automatically force print one for you.

  • Cate

    Yeah, maybe the machine was not working. I was at SCO and there is a machine there, but I actually forgot about the cat until I got home. No cats spit out, not even the ad ones I usually get. We eat a lot of ice cream anyway, so $1.50 for pints are still good, and I’ll try next time and go to CS if I don’t get one. Tried the English Toffee Caramel and it’s GOOD!

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