$0.85 Campbell’s Chunky Soup @ Fred Meyer

I was thinking the other day I wanted soup.  The kind of want that I didn;t need to cook for.  But Unfortunately I’m Cheap. 🙂  Rarely if ever do I buy this variety of Campbell’s soup because of the price.  It goes under $1 about every year.  So when we got a Great Campbell’s Chunky soup coupon this morning I knew it went along well with a very decent sales price starting today at Fred Meyer!

Deal Details

$0.85 Campbell's Chunky Soup @ Fred Meyer

It appears that every flavor AND variety are included in the $1.25 sale.   I bought a Healthy Request variety just to test.  I went by Winco just to see what their price was and it was $1.91 each.   These cans are larger cans at 18oz each. So at $0.85 each its a very decent deal! (and now I have some soup 🙂 )

Buy 3 x  Campbell’s Chunky Soup , $1.25, ($3.75 total)
-$1.20 Use a $1.20/3 Campbells Chunky soups Coupon
Final Price=$2.55 for 3(or $0.85ea) after coupon

$0.85 Campbell's Chunky Soup @ Fred Meyer

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