$.87 for a BIG bag of M&Ms @ Target

So this may be a silly little deal to some, but I love peanut M&Ms. a lot.  SO…whenever I see a good deal, I’m all over it. AND i’m sharing with you! 🙂

Deal Details

That’s a lot of coupons!  hehe, but we can use each of the types at one time at Target. So print out 2 of the $2.50/1 M&M Manufacturer coupon.(2 per computer)  You need to “share” to get the high value coupon, but you just need to enter ANY 3 email addresses to get this one.  Then print out 1 x $1.50/2 Target M&M Manufacturer Coupon.  Then print out the 10% off M&M Cartwheel Coupon.(sign up freely if you don’t have a login for the Cartwheel deals.)  Once we have all the 3 coupons we are ready to go!

Buy 2 x 19.5oz Bags of M&Ms @$4.50 (=$9 total)
-$5 Use 2 x $2.50/1 M&M Manufacturer coupon
-$1.50 Use a $1.50/2 Target M&M Manufacturer Coupon
-$0.75 Use the 10% off M&M Cartwheel Coupon
Final Price=$1.74 for 2 BIG Bags (or $0.87 each) after coupons!

thanks to Totally Target for the tip

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5 comments to $.87 for a BIG bag of M&Ms @ Target

  • Laurie

    Is Cartwheel for people with Iphones/smart phones?

  • Laurie

    I figured it out.
    Too many hoops to jump through.

  • gdog

    i signed up with a account. and then logged in.
    i went back and clicked my link above.
    i hit the “add” button
    I then printed out my offers, which gave me a sheet of paper with a big bar code on it. you don’t need a smartphone to make it work.

  • Bridget K

    Having a love for peanut M&M’s isn’t silly, I’m sure many other people share that too – For many years now I have put Hershey’s kisses in my husbands lunch each day for the same reason, so I am always on the lookout for Hershey kisses deals.
    I signed up for cartwheel and like you printed out a huge coupon

  • Laurie

    I did join and did get my 10% coupon. Went and did the deal.
    I found a pair of knee highs for .75 yea me!

    Who Spends Money, Thank you for all your efforts.

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