$0.87 GE LED Dimmable Lightbulb @ Fred Meyer

Yesterday we received a Great new GE Light product coupon.  The good thing about this coupon is there are no minimum restrictions.  Its just $2 off ANY lightbulb product.  A few places sell GE bulbs. Rite Aid, Walgreens, Fred Meyer and not Safeway.  For the next few weeks we can get cheap LED lights.  Of course the LED are good bulbs to get as they cost $0.80 per YEAR to use.

Deal Details

$0.87 GE LED Dimmable Lightbulb @ Fred Meyer

There were tons of “normal”light bulb 2-4 packs that were close to the $2 mark, which would mean FREE/Cheap light bulbs. This coupon is an overall great coupon to print!

Buy a GE LED Dimmable Lightbulb , $2.87
-$2 Use a $2.00 off one GE Lighting Coupon
Final Price=$0.87 after coupon

$0.87 GE LED Dimmable Lightbulb @ Fred Meyer

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