$0.88 Best Foods Mayonnaise @ Safeway

Maaayyyyyyyo! I don’t know why that’s the first that came to me. ..anyways… 🙂 , Cheap Mayo!  Its been awhile since we saw Mayo get down under a Buck.  In times past I loaded up on Mayo only to have it expire, and when I want it, its never on sale! This deal gets us $0.88 Mayo after Coupon, double and Catalina!

Deal Details

  • The Best Food Mayo 30oz is $3.99
  • We have a IN-AD Coupon(or J4U loadable Coupon) that makes them $2.88 ea(Limit 2) through 2/3/15
  • We have a $0.50/1 Best Foods Mayo Coupon 1/25 RP
  • We can double that coupon
  • We have a National Catalina on the Best Foods Mayo! (Thanks Denise who send me the Catalina Announcement on the 23rd!)
    • Best Foods Mayo Products 1/14/15 – 2/3/15
      Buy 2 and get a $2 OYNP Catalina Coupon


Here is a picture of the Catalina Announcement that Denise sent to me.  Its a bit blurry, but still readable,


So this deal is as easy if you have 2 of the 1/25 RP coupons.  One comment with all these Catalina deals lately.  The Catalina Coupon that prints out you can use on your Next Transaction.  You can buy almost anything with these OYNP Catalina Coupons.  I talked to someone the other day who did their main grocery buying, but first did the Catalina Transaction by itself first, then used that OYNP Catalina Coupon on there main shopping transaction.  That’s a smart way to do it.  I personally hold on to mine and use them on deals like this so that my OOP is low, and you always get another Catalina Coupon!

Buy 2 Best Foods Mayo Products, $3.99 (=$7.98 total)
-$2.22 Use the in-ad Best Foods Coupon(or load it to your club card)
-$1 Use 2 x $0.50/1 Best Foods Mayo Coupon 1/25 RP
-$1 Use a double Coupon
Final Price=$3.76 and get a $2 OYNP Catalina Coupon
Final Price NET=$1.76 for 2(or $0.88ea)

$0.88 Best Foods Mayonnaise @ Safeway

Thanks to FrugallivingNW for the reminder and Denise!

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