$.05 Saffron Road Chicken Tikka Masala Chapatti Wraps @ Whole Foods

Here is another FREE(-ish) Item at Whole Foods this week. I missed it on my initial Weekly Whole Foods deals post because my main store was not tagged, but as I was visiting other stores this week, I noticed it, and sure enough, its on sale at my main store! Which means its on sale everywhere in the Portland area!

Deal Details

(Sorry, i accidentally deleted the picture of the freezer display before i could post it! :-).  These are in the frozen single burritos area.  In a blue box)


So to make these FREE(-ish), we need to get the case discount, which means we need to buy 9!  Which is NO problem at all…

Buy 9 Saffron Road Chicken Tikka Masala Chapatti Wrap @ $3.39 (=$30.51)
-$3.05  Ask for the 10% case discount.  Tell them its when you purchase 9, if they ask
-$18   9 x $2/1 Saffron Road Coupon that expires 12/31/13  (just print 9)
-$9  9 x $1/1 Saffron Road Whole Foods Printable Coupon(or found in stores, you don’t need to print 9 of these, just have them scan one 9 times, they will easily and kindly do this for you.)
Final Price=$0.46 for 9 (or $0.05 ea)

So not FREE, but you know, its close.  hehe   So how to these taste?  In my opinion, its worth $0.05. 🙂  They are a bit Indian tasting and very stuffing.

A few didn’t make the picture. 🙂




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