$0.99 Value Size Ziploc Bags @ Safeway

Since Tide came back as FREE this week(it is still $1.49ea!), here is another great deal we can do! $0.99 Value Size Ziploc Bags @ Safeway!!

Deal Details

2014-06-09 08.33.43

So print off your coupons, and Go to the Safeway Coupon Center, login and add the $1.50/1 Ziploc J4U store coupon!


Buy 2 Ziploc Value Size Boxes@ $4.49 (=$8.98 total)
-$3  Use a $1.50/1 Ziploc in-ad Store coupon in the Sunday Safeway ad($3 will come off for 2)
-$3  Use a $1.50/1 Ziploc J4U Loadable Coupon at the Safeway Coupon Center($3 will come off for 2)
-$1 Use a a $1.00 off any TWO Ziploc brand bags
Final Price=$1.98 for 2 after coupons(comes to $0.99ea!) 🙂

 (I had to cards loaded for this deal and did the deal twice)
2014-06-09 08.45.08

Thanks TJ for the deal


J4U Advanced Tip

With this deal its easy to go through the regular register to checkout.  But if you go through the Self Checkout(SCO) the register does not work as Smoothly.  But here is a trick that will make it AS smooth or smoother than a regular Checkout!

2014-06-09 08.45.25

So here is the coupon in the Sunday ad for this deal.  So if you scan this coupon at the Self Checkout, the coupon beeps. BUT if you go to the section where you type in produce, and enter the last 5 digits of the coupon, it will just work!  So hit the button on the SCO to put in a product number, and enter 77439(notice that number on the coupon  above), and the coupon will just come off perfectly!! 🙂

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8 comments to $0.99 Value Size Ziploc Bags @ Safeway

  • amy

    Thank you for the tip! When I bought 2 I got a $2 off next purchase Catalina. That means 2 free!! Major score 🙂

  • amy

    Good idea! I swas thinking about going back for more too. If I only by 2 per transaction can I use the $1.50 loaded coupon more than once? Hopefully that makes sense. I would present another $1.50 coupon from the Sun add with it off course.

    • gdog

      the $1.50 J4U is a one time use only. you will need more than one card to do it multiple times. I just did it another 3 times, and i did not get the CAT, so a super good deal for you!

      • amy

        Ok thanks. I just might have to sign my hubby up for a Safeway card for when deals like this come around 🙂 sorry you didn’t get the CAT. No idea how I got it.

        Question: I have a j4u offer of $5 off $30 purchase coupon. Does it only apply to the total after J4U/store coupons but before manufacture coupons? I’ve only ever used the paper $10/$50 coupon before. Thank you!

        • gdog

          $30 after j4u store and store coupons. before J4U Manufacturer and Manufacturer coupons. works the same way as paper, except you dont need to worry about the cashier wondering if they should take the coupon or not. 🙂

  • Momsnothere

    THANK YOU SB, Tide and Ziplock (multiple times) worked like a charm at SCO..most fun in awhile 😉

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