$1.49 Digiorno Rising Crust Pizza @ Fred Meyer

Here is a GREAT deal for a $1.49 Digiorno Rising Crust Pizza @ Fred Meyer!!  This is with the newly released Fred Meyer Special Coupon.  NOT everyone will be able to get this deal.  Sorry about that.  But I will show all who did NOT get the special coupon, the way to get all future awesome coupons!  See below for those details!

Deal Details

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I took pictures of the pizzas that currently have coupons for them.  This Special Fred Meyer coupon will work on any kind of frozen pizza.  You would have gotten it in your email today, with the email entitled, “Hawks Win!  Get your slice of these savings”  This coupon is LOCKED  to the Fred Meyer/QFC card that is attached to the email address you received the coupon from. It will NOT work with any other club card.  It will NOT work more than once per club card. Fred Meyer has started to produce smart coupons. 🙂 This is what the coupon looks like (I removed UPC code so there would not be a temptation to try to use it. 🙂 )


So here are some deals you can do with this coupon.  See below these deals to learn how to get these coupons in the future! Remember only ONE of these scenarios per card that you received this email coupon from.

Buy a Digiorno Rising Crust Pizza, $4.99
-$2.50 Use the 50% Fred Meyer Coupon
-$1 Use a $1/1 Digiorno Rising Crust Pizza Coupon
Final Price=$1.49 after coupons

Buy 2 x  Tonys Pizza, $2 (=$4 total)
-$1 Use the 50% Fred Meyer Coupon(remember limit 1 🙁 )
-$0.75 Use a $0.75/2 Tonys Pizza Coupon
Final Price=$2.25 for 2(or $1.12ea) after coupons

Buy a Freschetta Pizza, $5.49
-$2.75 Use the 50% Fred Meyer Coupon
-$0.75 Use $0.75/1 Freschetta Coupon
Final Price=$2 after coupons

Buy 2 x  Red Baron Pizza, $3 (=$6 total)
-$1.50 Use the 50% Fred Meyer Coupon(remember limit 1 🙁 )
-$1 Use a $1/2 RED BARON® Pizzas (14.76 oz or larger) (Change zip to 67212)
Final Price=$3.50 for 2(or $1.75ea) after coupons

2014-11-24 10.32.09 pizaa2


So out of the all the Fred Meyer and QFC cards that I have, only on 2 of them did I receive the emails for this coupon.  So I went to figure out WHY this was the case.  I found it. 🙂  For some reason, I swear I had done it before, I was not signed up to receive the “Special Promotions” or “Exclusive Savings” Newsletters.  ONLY the 2 cards that received this Pizza Coupon, were signed up for these newsletters.  So I signed up my other cards.  This is how you do it! You can click on the links below!

  1. Log in to your Account
  2. Update your email Subscriptions
  3. Put a Check box at least in the 2 below(I would also add “Wine talk”, they get GREAT coupons)
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save your settings.


If you change these settings today, will you get this coupon?  I don’t know.  But the next time the Seahawks win(IF 😉 ), or the next time other great Exclusive coupons come out, you will get them also!!



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5 comments to $1.49 Digiorno Rising Crust Pizza @ Fred Meyer

  • pixie saver

    Thanks soooo much for pointing out how to make sure we receive these offers in the future!

  • Andy

    Are you still getting Fred Meyer emails on the account(s) you signed up for Fry’s/Smith’s Extras on? I’m trying to figure out if I somehow screwed things up in the process or if I’m just having bad luck not being selected for these coupons.

    • gdog

      i left “that” card untouched. it happens to be a QFC card i have connected to frys. but i dont know. Make sure your zipcode is set to the NW. sometimes that can be switched if you are looking around at other kroger chains.

  • Terry

    Same here- I updated a few months ago and still don’t get emails.

    • gdog

      just to ask a few questions…
      is this a Fred meyer card or a QFC card. do you JUST have those 2 above newsletters checked or everything checked. I cant imagine Fred Meyer is cherry picking certain people over others. Just trying to figure out what they are doing. 🙂

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