$1.49 Triaminic Coming the Week of 9/22 @ Walgreens

Here is a nice sneak preview for a deal coming in a few weeks.  The reason I post it now is because there is a nice printable coupon that is available now, that may not be available then.

As you can see the Triaminic’s will be $4.99 each.  It shows a $3 coupon coming in that Sundays paper, but TODAY we can print out a $7 off 2 coupon, which is better!!

So we will be Buying 2 Triaminic’s(Day or Night varieties) @ $4.99 ea =$4.98
-$7   $7/2 Triaminic Printable coupon
Final Price=$2.98 for 2(or $1.49 ea!!)

That’s a pretty good price for these, if this is your favorite child’s medicine brand.

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3 comments to $1.49 Triaminic Coming the Week of 9/22 @ Walgreens

  • Jim Sutton

    Everytime I try to find this coupon, it takes me to a coupon site that has 345 coupons. The ONLY Triaminic coupon is at WALMART. I don’t know what I am doing wrong but I will certainly enjoy the other coupons I printed. Really wish I could have had this Triaminic coupon for Walgreens, as it is where I prefer to shop.

    • gdog

      the (NLA) reference at the end of the coupon line, means “No Longer Available”. I listed a reference back to my post last week, for those who printed it then, they can use it this week. It is not available anymore to print. sorry!

    • gdog

      and if you are referring to the $3/1, the coupon that prints out does not say ‘Redeem ONLY at Walmart”, it says “Redeem at Walmart”, and believe it or not, there is a difference. Walgreen’s will accept a coupon that states wording “B”, but not wording “A”. (if that makes sense. 🙂 )

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