$1 Celestial Seasoning Teas @ Safeway

Time to buy Tea again!  A reader messaged me this deal earlier today, and I had to verify and confirm the deal tonight!  $1 is the base price I pay for tea.  A few years ago we bought these under $0.50 a few times a year, but actually $1 is about the cheapest we see anymore.  We have another week to get this price!

Deal Details

  • The Celestial Seasoning Teas are $2.50 through 9/27/16
  • There is a $1/1 Celestial Seasoning Tea Coupon 9/18 SS
  • There is also a $1/1 Celestial Seasoning Tea Coupon
  • We can double those coupons(printables at most stores)

$1 Celestial Seasoning Teas @ Safeway

It appears everything but the medicinal varieties are on sale for $2.50!  Each store will have a slightly different selection, but you should be able to get the basics!  If you do not have the 9/18 SS coupons, the the printable coupon will not be available after Friday night.

Buy a Celestial Seasoning Tea , $2.50
-$1 Use a $1/1 Celestial Seasoning Tea Coupon or 9/18 SS
-$0.50 Use a Double Coupon
Final Price=$1 after coupon and double

$1 Celestial Seasoning Teas @ Safeway

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