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I seem to watch a lot of movies.  Generally I have one on in the background while i’m typing up grocery store ads.  I suppose I like background noise.  Lately the world has been slowly moving to a digital platform for watching movies today.  There are a lot of great services out there for buying Digital movies to keep.  But to watch a movie one time it still costs around $3-$5 to have streamed to your TV.  BUT, the website i’m mentioning today, you get get all SD format movies for $1 and all HD movies for $2.  That’s a great deal, since you do not have to go out to Redbox, or have to pay “premium” prices to watch a new video.  I personally just added the VidAngel Roku app, and watch everything right from there! (They also have Appletv, Chromecast and FireTV apps)

Am i getting paid to talk about this site? no. hehe.  I just thought it was a good deal and thought id share.

So this movie site is a bit different.  They name their site this because they also have filtering services for each of their movies. So one Could watch a Rated R movie, and have ALL the bad stuff stripped out of the movie to whatever level you want. Hence the name they are going for…..

So because they offer this filtering service, they have figured out a way to do this legally.  (Shockingly Hollywood does not want you to touch their stuff) You BUY every movie. That way you own it to do whatever you want with it.  What they do is charge you $20 for EVERY movie.  Once you watch the movie in a 24hours period, they will buy the movie back at $19. Yes that’s right, $19. So you will be Out of Pocket, $1.  Your watching experience cost you $1 for a SD movie.  They pay you $18 for a HD movie or $2 OOP.

So how does this work?  You sign up HERE. You sign up and add a credit card. When you watch your first movie, they charge your card $20.  You watch your first movie.  You finish it and sell it back to them.  They pay you $19 instantly.  That $19 does not go back to your credit card.  They keep it as a credit on your account.  So the next time you watch a movie which you BUY, they charge you $20 again, they use that existing $19 in credit, which leaves a balance of $1 and your credit card is charged at that moment for $1 for SD or $2 for HD.

Basically you are rolling that credit for each movie you want.  At ANY time you want to “cash” out that $18-$19 credit, you can do that.  It takes about 7 days to “cash” you out. You are free and clear with no obligation.

Ive been using this service for about 2 weeks and I think its great.  My credit card has the initial charge of $20, and 10 or so charges of $1 for Each movie I “rolled” the credit with. You can add your filters to watch many types of movies, or you can turn off the filters just to watch the “full” movie.

They seem to have thousands of titles, but if you want to look at the newest releases, you can go HERE(NEW Releases).  They also add great and weirder older titles everyday, you can see those HERE(Recently added). Or just use the search at the top of the page to search for a movie you want.  They probably have it.

You can read all the FAQ/Help stuff for more answers to questions you might have. Again, this post was just to tell you all about a CHEAP and EASY way to watch movies!




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