$1 Tide Stain Release Boost Pkgs @ Rite Aid [ADVANCED]

Here is a GREAT Deal if you have the coupons to do it. These Tide stain release pod things are generally in the $6-$8 range most places. But using Rite Aid promotions we can get them down to $1 each.

Deal Details

  • The Tide Boosts are $5.94 this week. These are the Orange/White ones NOT the White ones.
  • There is a $3/1 Tide Stain Release Boost Coupon in yesterdays P&G insert(1/27P&G)
  • There is a $0.50/1 Dawn Dish Soap coupon also in yesterdays P&G insert(1/27P&G)
  • When you spend $30 in various Tide,Nyquil or Olay products you get a $10 +UPs Reward

So Putting it all together….

We need to  buy 5 of the Tide Boosts to make this deal work.  Since there is a “4 like coupon” limit on the coupon and at the register we need to do this deal in 2 back to back transactions.

First Transaction:

Buy 4 Tide Stain Release Boost @ $5.94each
Use four $3/1 Tide Boost coupons (1/27P&G)
Final Price: $11.76 PAY
*** Your receipt will show $23.76 towards the Nyquil or Olay +Up Reward. This is because you get the full $5.94 value for each.

Second Transaction:

Buy 1 Tide Stain Release Boost @ $5.94 each
Buy 1 Dawn Dish Soap @ $0.99
Use one $3/1 Tide Boost coupons (1/27P&G)
Use one $0.50/1 Dawn Dish Soap (1/27P&G)
Final Price: $3.43 PAY  and you will get the $10 +UPs Reward!!
***This transaction will add $6.93 worth of promo value to the previous $23.76, pushing us over the $30 limit!

So out OOP is $15.19, and we got back a $10 +UP, so our net is $5.19 for 5 of the Tide Stain Release Boost pods and 1 Dawn Dish Soap.  I ascribe the $0.19 to the Dawn(a great price) and that makes the Tide Boost $1 Each!!

These also come in a Orange bag.  These are the same UPC, and will work for this deal.

Thanks SD!!




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