$10.31 for 5 Jumbo Packages of Diapers @ Fred Meyer

Yep!  another Diaper deal.  There was a Super great deal earlier, but the deal ran out before I could post it.  Too bad.  This one is still very nice.  The $10.31 for 5 Jumbo Packages of Size 1 or Size 2 Diapers @ Fred Meyer comes to that final price after coupons, and TWO Catalinas.  This deal is only Super great if you buy baby stuff on a regular basis.  You see what I mean below!

Deal Details

  • There are 2 overlapping Baby/Diaper Catalinas at Fred Meyer right now.
  • Huggies Diapers, Pull Ups, GoodNites or Huggies Wipes (12/29/14 – 1/25/15)
    Spend $30 and get a $10 OYNP Catalina Coupon
  • Baby Care Items to include Formula, Food, Wipes and Diapers (through 1/21/15)
    Spend $40 and get a $10 OYNP BABY Items Catalina Coupon
  • The Huggies are $9.33 for the Jumbo Packs
  • The Comfort for Toddlers jumbo packs are $6.99
  • There is the $3.00 off ONE (1) package of HUGGIES Diapers Coupon(38ct+)
  • There is a $2/1 Comfort for Toddlers Loadable Digital Coupon

babay1 babb1 by3

So the Huggies Catalina promo wants us to spend $30+ on HUGGIES items.  The Fred Meyer Baby Catalina wants us to spend $40 on ‘participating” Baby items.  Which means we spend at least $30 on Huggies and the rest on other baby items.  The scenario here is just a good example of making these 2 promos work together.  You can click on the Comfort for toddlers Digital Coupon Link, sign in, and load it to your Fred Meyer Club Card.  Then you need FOUR(4) $3/1 Huggies Coupons.  Which means you need 2 computers to get 4(2 per computer).  Then you are ready to go!  I mention the Size 1 or Size 2 Huggies diapers because the $3/1 coupon states 38+ ct, which sizes above Size 2 have less then 38 in the jumbo packs.  So we need to get the smaller sizes for this deal.

Buy 4 Huggies Size 1 or Size 2 Diapers, $9.33ea (=$37.32 total)
Buy 1 Comfort for Toddlers Jumbo pack(any size), $6.99
-$12 Use 4 x $3.00 off ONE (1) package of HUGGIES Diapers Coupon(38ct+)
-$2 Use the $2/1 Comfort for Toddlers Loadable Digital Coupon
Final Price OOP=$30.31 after coupons and get a $10 OYNP Catalina Coupon(from Huggies) and a $10 OYNP Baby Purchase Catalina(Store Coupon from Fred Meyer)
Final Price NET=$10.31 for 5 jumbo packs of diapers!!!

I wish the $10 OYNP Catalina coupon from Fred Meyer was good on anything, but its not, its only good on things from the “baby isle”.  So again if you are buying “baby isle things” on a regular basis this deal it truly a VERY nice deal!



Thanks to thecentsableshoppin for the deal idea!

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5 comments to $10.31 for 5 Jumbo Packages of Diapers @ Fred Meyer

  • Do we know if the Catalina rolls?

  • jamy

    how long is this good for?

  • Megan O

    I went and did this scenario tonight at Fred Meyer, but I got 2 pks Huggies, 2 pks PullUps, and 3 pks Huggies wipes. My starting total was $41.93, tax was $3.61, and I had $10.50 in MF coupons leaving #35.04 OOP. I got the $10 Huggies Catalina, but not the $10 baby coupon. The guy at customer service tried to say it was because I wasn’t over $40 OOP (not usually how it works). Do you know why this didn’t work fully or how I might fix it? Thanks!!

    • gdog

      CS can ring up the items without coupons. My guess is that one of those items were not on the Baby promo. BUt they can scan everything, and if you are able, cash out,it will then produce any catalinas, and have them return the transaction right away. (they keep the catalinas) this is what I do. if it works, then its your coupons. if it doesnt, then its one of your items that doesnt work towards the $40.

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