10 Free UltraViolet movies from Target Ticket

FREE Movies! From Target Ticket.  Whats Target Ticket?  Basically its Targets(as in the store Target) way to get into the movie and TV market by selling or renting.  They are using their name to get their service out there.  And as part of a new initial push to get their name out there, they are offering 10 FREE Movies to get you interested.  Below are the titles you get to choose the movies from.

21 Grams Paranormal Activity Johnny English
Alien Radio Mars Attacks
Blow Space Jam Master and Commander
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Stir of Echos Mona Lisa Smile
Fern Gully The Last Rainforest The Arrival Rango
Ghost Cold Light of Day Rudy
Legend of the Fall Conspiracy Theory Soul Survivors
The Adventures of Clutch Powers Crocodile Dundee The Italian Job
Man on a Ledge Hall Pass The Producers
Office Space Independence Day The Tale of Desperaux

So how to you get 10 FREE from the above titles?  Well we need to do(have) 2 things.  First you need to sign up with Target Ticket. It’s totally free to join – no hidden fees or monthly costs (click here). 🙂  The only thing it DOES require is a credit card, so if/when you buy/rent a movie from them, they auto charge this card.  Since I just set up an account today for the FREE movies, I used one of my prepaid VISA cards(that had a $0 balance) and that worked perfectly.  If i ever want to rent/buy something, ill just update my new Credit card then.  Second we need to link a new or existing UltraViolet account to our Target ticket account.  The setup will walk you through all of this.  Then you are ready to go!  I selected my 10 FREE movies, and voila, they ended up in  my UltraViolet account.

You can watch(stream) or download to your computer, or link to your tablet or mobile device, or even directly to your TV if you have a compatible one.  Basically the features that many of the Movie/TV services have out there.

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  • I was hesitant to sign up for this deal before I could see a list of the movies. Thanks for sharing the info and thanks for the BRILLIANT idea to use an empty gift card! I really like that. 🙂 Kudos!

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