[[UPDATE]] $115 Mastercard Giftcard for $106 +$10 OYNP CAT @ Safeway [BEGINNER]


This Deal may be dead.  if you do not see the coupon to add to your card, then you cannot do this deal.  At a few stores there are signs up about this deal.  You could ask CS about this deal, and perhaps they will Manually take off the $15 since/if there are signs up.!

So this deal just got better!! Through 12/4(tomorrow)  when we buy a $115 GC(instead of a $100) it will cost us $105.95 after discount, we get a $10 off $10 Catalina Coupon!!!  More FREE Money!   So Our intial payoff of $105.95 OOP will get us a $115 Mastercard Giftcard and a $10 OYNP Cat. =$19.05MM for EACH transaction we do!!!!  Crazy!



What!  Free Money?  Yep!  No coupons required! Well no paper ones anyways.

Safeway has a new J4U coupon this morning.  $15 off a $100 Mastercard Giftcard.

So we go and get a Variable Mastercard Giftcard, add $100 to it, use our Safeway Card, $15 auto comes right off!

So $100 + a $5.95 activation fee – $15 Instant J4U Coupon = $90.95  PAY.  You then have a $100 Mastercard Giftcard.  FREE $100.


If you go to and click the Just 4 U icon, it will take you to a screen where you then click on “Coupon Center”.

You then on the right hand side click “Special offers”.  Click “Add” to this one

It will prompt you to add your Safeway card number, if you have not used J4U before.  You may have to add it one more time, if you just entered your card number.  One you see that that offer is “Added”, by the time you get to the store, it will be ready to go.  One good thing about this deal, is once you scan the Gift card, add $100 to it, when you scan your card, the $15 will just come off instantly, if it doesn’t you can just void the transaction right there, no harm done.  IF that does happen, just ask the CS dept to add it to your card for you, as they are very trained on doing this!

Yes this deal rolls, So if you had multiple cards, with this J4U coupon added, you could buy 1, then use that $100 Gift card to purchase another(for $90.95), then you would have $9.05 on that card, and you would then have another $100. card.  you wouldn’t be out of pocket anymore actual money since you would be using your $100 MasterCard Giftcard. So your making $9 each time you do this transaction, and at the end of it all, you have a Master Card that you can use to pay bills or anything else you pay with Mastercard at.

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