$2.49 Bic Premium Disposable Razors @ Fred Meyer

A wonderful little coupon popped up a little while ago.  One that perhaps evaded my Daily National Master Coupon list!  I will add this zip code to the 27 that I have already=28 scanned zipcodes! These premium disposable razors come out to $2.49 after coupon!

Deal Details


IMG_4536 $2.49 Bic Premium Disposable Razors @ Fred Meyer


The “Select kinds” of razors listed on this coupon are, Soleil original, Soleil Bella, Soleil Twilight, Bic Flex 3, Bic Flex 4 and Hybrid Advance 3 Razors.  All these kinds are on sale for $5.49 this week.  I do not use  disposable razors, but I still bought 1 of of them(the Flex 4) just to make sure the coupon was beepless, and it was beepless.  🙂  (and returned it, of course forgetting to get a picture….)

Buy a Bic Premium disposable razor, $5.49
-$3 Use a $3/1 Bic Razors(select kinds) Coupon (Change zip to 17315)
Final Price=$2.49 after coupon

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