$2 off $5 Meat Purchase Store Coupon @ Fred Meyer

NICE!, what a good coupon. $2 off a $5 meat purchase? Yep! AND the coupon is good for 7 days starting today, 10/5/14 through 10/11/14!! It works on seafood!!!!

$2 off a $5 Meat Purchase Store Coupon @ Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer has various newsletters you can sign up for and usually they don’t contain super great coupons like this, but every once in awhile… 🙂 Everyone can get this coupon here, $2 off any meat purchase of $5 or more coupon.  The Angus Ground Beef 90/10 is $4.99/lb this week, so you can find a prepacked one over $5, or just go to the Meat Counter and have them package you up a 1.01lb package for $5!  Which comes to $3/lb AFTER coupon.  Which anymore is a Great price!

The coupon says Limit 1 per customer.  Each Fred Meyer will enforce that different ways.  My Store let me do 2 transaction. (today 🙂 )

2014-10-05 10.57.17

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