$2.50 bags or cheaper of Starbucks Coffee @ Target [ADVANCED]

This is what i would call a advanced deal.  its not hard, but requires many steps!

Three parts of this deal

  • This morning you can get a $10 Target Gift Card when you purchase $50 coupon HERE
  • When you buy 2 Starbucks bags of coffee you get a $5 Target Giftcard.
  • In the 12/2 SS is a $3/2 Starbucks  Coffee Coupon.

They are $7.99 at many stores this week. Some stores have them for $7.49 and $6.99. which makes this deal even better.

So i bought 6 Starbucks bags of coffee =$47.94
I bought a $2.06 filler item(to get me the the $50 level) =$50.11 in my case.
i got back during the transaction, 3 x $5 Target Gift cards(1 for every 2 bags)
I scanned the $10/$50 Target Gift Card coupon first, got the gift card.
I used 3 x $3/2 Starbucks Coupons =-$12
=Paid $41.11, and i had $25 in Target GiftCards = $16.11 NET which is about $2.50 a bag plus my filler item.

I then took another 3x $3/2 MQ Coupon, one more of the $10/$50 coupons, bought another 6 bags + filler, USED the $25 in previous Giftcards to pay for these, my OOP for the transaction was $16.11 and i got another SET of $25 Target Gift cards.  I rolled this deal 3 total times, have a ton of coffee and still have $25 in target Gift Cards to use



I forgot to mention that when you Buy 3 or more bags in a single transaction you can send away for a $5 Starbucks giftcard to use at Starbucks!!!  Go Here for those details –>  HERE

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