$2.50 Charmin Basic Double Roll 12pk(or Cheaper) @ Safeway

Here is a NICE deal that became available this morning!ย  If you woke and poured yourself a nice cup of coffee, and of course, looked at the Newest coupons this morning on the Daily National Master list, you probably noticed the $2/1 Charmin Basic Coupon. Using that coupon gets us a cheap price at Safeway.ย  But if you have multiple devices to print from and with some effort you can get these around $1.50each!!

Deal Details

    • The Charmin Basic double roll 12pk are $5.00 through 9/6/16
    • There is also a Buy $30 in participating P&G products and Save $7 instantly promo.
      • What a stupid non working promo. ๐Ÿ™‚
    • There is this NEW $2.00 off one Charmin Basic Coupon
    • We can double that coupon(at most stores)

$2.50 Charmin Basic Double Roll 12pk(or Cheaper) @ Safeway

Again, $2.50 is a very decent price for a 12pk of bath tissue(ie.. TP) ๐Ÿ™‚ย  AND if you are OK with this price, you can stop reading at this point. ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย  BUT if could buy 4 of these and $10 worth of other participating P&G products, that would trigger the $30 P&G promo, and we would save $7 more dollars.ย  So we can buy 4 Charmin basic and use 4 of the $2 coupons.ย  The next cheapest participating P&G product was the Febreeze products, which are $3 and there is a B1G1 coupon in the 8/28 P&G.ย  We can buy 4 of those which gets us over the $30 mark.

BUT the $7/$30 P&G product promo did not work for me, although the total was $32.ย  We tried playing around with it at the store, I had a super friendly knowledgeable cashier, and just didn’t work.ย  She did end of giving me the $7 anyways, but be prepared for this. ALSO, if you have one of the $5/$25 JFU coupons, it makes the deal even sweeter.ย  I got the bottom picture for $4 TOTAL. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Buy a Charmin Basic double roll 12pk , $5.00
-$2.00 Use a $2.00 off one Charmin Basic Coupon
-$0.50 Use a Double Coupon
Final Price=$2.50 after coupon and double


Buy 4 x Charmin Basic double roll 12pk , $5.00 (=$20 total)
Buy 4 x Febreeze Air Effects(or other Febreeze $3 items), $3 ($12 total)
-$8.00 Use 4 x $2.00 off one Charmin Basic Coupon
-$6.00 Use 2 x B1G1 Febreeze Product Coupon 8/28 P&G
-$7.00 Instant $7/$30 Promo comes off
-$2.00 Use a Double Coupon
Final Price=$9 for 8 items(or $CHEAP ea) after coupon and double

If you have a $5/$25 J4U coupon, and a GREAT cashier this transaction in =$4 total. ๐Ÿ™‚

$2.50 Charmin Basic Double Roll 12pk(or Cheaper) @ Safeway

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7 comments to $2.50 Charmin Basic Double Roll 12pk(or Cheaper) @ Safeway

  • Camietc

    The problem is you have to hit the 30$ threshold after mfq sadly.

    • gdog

      its not.
      The grand subtotal before ANY store promos or Manufacturer coupons WAS $32. the promo should have come off right then. it didnt. we tried to get it to work before we scanned anything, and the $7 promo never came off.

      someone mentioned(after i posted this), is that febreeze is the culprit. if you got $30 of straight up febreeze, it will never work. if you got $29.95 of ANYthing else and $0.05 worth of febreeze, the promo wont work.

      So its the febreeze, that causing the trouble. If you got $30 of charmin, used 4x $1/1 and 2x$0.50/1 8/28 P&G, the promo will work as posted above automatically. granted it will be $1 more overall, but still a great deal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Joy

    Do you have an email that I can write to you to send you a deal? I am one of the last people who don’t have FB:-)

  • Shayni

    I got 4 of the charmin basics and 3 bags of pampers and paid $15 (my area also has a store coupon for $10 off when you spend $50 out right now).

  • Bonnie

    Awesome deal; thanks for posting…though it seems the coupon is no longer available!

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