2 FREE Months of HULU Plus!!

Here is a nice deal for those who want to try out hulu plus!  This deal will go fast , so if you want to try it, HURRY!

First Click here –> 2 Month Trial of Hulu Plus   (its a non-affil link)

Use a Different email and Credit Card if you have had the service in the distant past.  REMEMBER TO CANCEL AFTER 2 MONTHS.  It will start to auto bill you.  I just set a reminder on my phone for a few days before, just so i don’t forget.  Worst case if you forget you will be billed $7.99.  You will not be billed until the end of FREE period.

Remember, if you want this, hurry!  If you click on the link, and it doesn’ t say 2 months anymore, then the offer expired. (or if you have had it recently, or looked around, you can clear your cookies/cache and you might see it)

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