2 more Great double ideas @ Albertsons [BEGINNER]

THis is the last day for double at albertsons, but here are 2 more Great Deals

Cheap/FREE Del Monte Canned Veggies and FREE Resolve Spray & Wash

Select Del Monte Canned Veggies are $0.59 each this week
There is also a Catalina Promo, when you buy 4 cans you get a $1 Catalina.
In Itself, this is not a great deal, but Becuase the $1 OYNP Cat, is a Manufacturer Coupon we can double it! 🙂


Buy 4 Cans=$2.36
Get a $1 Catalina

Buy another 4=$2.36
Use the $1 Catalina and a double(=-$2)
=$0.36 PAY and get another $1 CAT-(that comes to $0.09 a can)

Repeat this over and over and over again until you have stocked up to your hearts content @ $0.09/Can

The Resolve Spray & Wash is $1.99
There is a $1/1 in the 9/12 SS.
use a double and this coupon =FREE

***There is a sceanrio that makes the Del monte veggies FREE.  When you buy 6 of the cans in one transaction, you get a $2 Catalina.  There is a $1/5 Del Monte Coupon in the 9/19 RP

SO  Buy 6=$3.54
PAY and get another $2 OYNP CAT

Buy another 6 =$3.54
Use the $1/1 and the $2 CAT and 1 double(=-$4)
so its obviously a MM or FREE.  Roll this transaction for every $1.5 coupon you have

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