$2 off a $6 Produce Purchase Store Coupon @ Fred Meyer

Whats Fair is Fair.  Last week we had an Awesome Meat Coupon ,and this week we have a Decent Produce coupon. 🙂  This one is only through this Saturday, 4/5/14.


Fred Meyer has various newsletters you can sign up for and usually they don’t contain super great coupons like this, but every once in awhile(and again!)… 🙂 Everyone can get this coupon here, $2 off any Produce purchase of $6 or more coupon. I would download and then print it.

You can use it also with some of the Fresh Veggie deals this week.  We don’t often see good coupons for Veggies, so even though its only $2 off $6, that’s still another 33% off!  Here are some of the Highlights this week!  But also think “Produce”, salads, probably freshly squeezed juices, things you find in the Produce Section!  Try it! (Thanks tinksmom for the heads up!!)

**Broccoli or cauliflower, $0.78/lb**

Large Hass Avocados, $1.25

Large Cara Cara Navels, $1.28/lb

Cripps-Pacific Rose-Jazz Apples, $1.68/lb

Green Onions, $0.50

2lb Bag mini sweet peppers, $3.99

Organic Kiwis, $0.44


Also here is a sneak peak of the Freebie this Friday.  More FREE Yogurt!  I always post these on the Facebook Page!


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