$.25 Carmex and “HURRY” SUPER Cheap Bath Tissue!! @ Walgreens [BEGINNER]

Here are 2 GREAT deals that you can do at Walgreen’s Today.  You can get Carmex for $0.25 each which is a stock up price especially coming into winter time.  Also we can get Walgreen’s Nice Brand Bath Tissue 12 double rolls for $2.50($0.20/roll)!!! NO COUPONS REQUIRED!  This stuff is not a cheap knockoff, its double ply, “Cottonelle” type TP. 🙂  ok enough about that….


Deal Details

  • The Carmex are 4/$4 starting next week, but as always they turned the next weeks deals on early.
  • There is a New $1/2 Carmex Coupon
  • We get 1000 points when we buy 4
  • Usually this coupon goes quick, and although you could do this deal all next week, at least get the coupon now

Buy 4 of the above types of Carmex =$4
-$2 2 x $1/2 Carmex Coupon
Final Price=$2 after coupons AND get 1000 points back($1 equiv) = NET $1 for 4($0.25 ea)!!!


Deal Details – THIS DEAL IS TODAY ONLY 11/2

  • The Nice 6 rolls “Cottonelle” knock off TP is 2/$5 this week
  • The Nice 6 rolls “Cottonelle” knock off TP is B1G1 Next week

So we need to buy in sets of 2

Buy 2 Nice 6 double roll TP @ $2.50 ea( =$5)
-$2.50 Instant $2.50 comes off for B1G1 sale
Final Price=$2.50 for 2 packs!!! =12 double rolls for $2.50($0.20/roll)

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5 comments to $.25 Carmex and “HURRY” SUPER Cheap Bath Tissue!! @ Walgreens [BEGINNER]

  • gdog

    its $0.20/roll not $0.125….i fixed the above.

    • Pam

      well, since these are “double rolls,” you might consider them to be about 10 cents each (?) I myself do calculate it that way, when trying to figure out TP prices.

      • gdog

        yeh, i compare double roll prices and single roll prices. only because rarely do i ever buy single rolls anymore, and the double roll mark is where my brain lies. 🙂

  • So, on deals when there is an overlap, it’s for Sat/Sun only? I keep seeing you put those “today only” post up and don’t know why. I used to shop WAGs, but that was back in the day and got turned off by ass hole employees. I went in yesterday as I was driving my Mom around, and was shocked that the gal in the beauty area was telling my Mom how to roll a cat deal. Maybe I need to rethink this.

    • gdog

      its only one day of overlap. the ad cycles are Sun-Sat. its just that 98% of the portland stores and most other places, turn on the NEXT weeks prices on ONE day earlier. so we have a normal Sun-Sat-with the next Sundays prices on saturday. and really, you can NOT get the normal sat prices on saturday, unless there is a confliction. meaning like the carmex this week was $1.69 reg price. tomorrows price of 4/$4 is already turned on. you cant get the reg price, even if you want to. so people who think this is somehow cheating the syste,, just shouldnt shop at walgreens on saturday, becuase its just the way it is, they turned on the next weeks prices already. even the manager/cashiers have NO control of it, its a corporate thing. its soooo very odd. and its been this way for 1.5-2 years! hehe. So when there is a item on sale one week, and its a different sale the following week, that intersecting saturday gets the best of both worlds. so like the TP above, you would think it should just be tomorrows pricing, reg price+B1G1, but its not. it takes this weeks pricing 2/$5 and next weeks B1G1, and makes it buy 1 at $2.50 AND get one for B1G1(free)! there is also a Dove deodorant DD(double dip today)
      dove/degree deo – 25% off, this week and b1g1 50% off, Buy 2 and get 2000 pts next week.
      so if you buy 4 it comes to $11.88 after wierd math of 25% off AND B1G1 50% of
      ?Use (2) $3/2 from 10/13 RP
      ?Pay $5.88 get back 7,000 points, and it will be a $1.12 MM on 4 dove deodorants…..

      The only way to tell if something truly double dips is to try it. Also if you go to walgreens online, it will show the DD if there is a DD of points. if the website does it, you know they know and dont care.

      the register rewards NEVER turn on early. so that is the one exception. Also 98% of the time RR do not Roll at walgreens. I hope thats makes a little sense. 🙂

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